High in room, surprise family trip to mexican restaurant

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  1. I picked up some dank bright green stuff earlier today around 8:00.

    I should mention that I haven't smoked in around 2 months because of college and training.

    I smoked a joint of this stuff, It was probably towards 1g. I still remember taking a huge hit off of this joint, watching the smoke coil up towards the ceiling and thinking "wow this is some pretty idyllic shit." I was pretty damn high. I smoked it in my room with the windows up, fan going full blast, towel under my door etc.

    Minutes later, I have eyedrops in (parents are home). Dad comes into my room with this shit eating grin "want to go to mexican tonight?". We usually go to mexican like once a month because it is easy and fucking AMAZING.

    The thoughts that went through my head when I saw him come through my door... I'm fucked, are the windows even open? How high am I? Did I put eyedrops in? (you know how it is, if you get pulled over by a cop and you KNOW you don't have weed on you, you still do a quick mental check) On a scale of 1 to 10 I was probably an 8.

    At that point, there was no turning back. I didn't want to miss out on mexican, my dad and I are extremely close, what's the worst that could happen?

    I have NEVER been high around my parents, but I thought it was pretty obvious when we were at the mexican restaurant. I was zoning out, eating the FUCK out of quesadillas. I was definitely not acting like my normal self.

    I had a conversation with my dad about how cool aliens are, how cool it is that they could actually be real etc etc. My father and I have a lot in common, we are both Electrical Engineers (I'm still getting my degree). So it was really strange being around my dad high.

    He has told me in the past that he "experimented" with all kinds of drugs in highschool and during his younger years. Both parents talk about weed as if it was part of the "golden years" of their lives, they talk about it with reverence.

    So basically I think my dad used to be the hippie mesiah king of weed, and he definitely knew I was high, but we have NEVER talked about me smoking weed before. He is extremely conservative, and was a corporate big shot at a huge company a few years ago before he retired.

    I just got home, dad didn't say a thing to me.

    so... do you think he knew?
  2. Your dad probably knew but was glad to spend some quality time with you.
  3. Most blow such situations out of porportion. Im assuming your over 18, do you think your parents give a fuck? Above poster had it right, dad just wanted some time with his son.
  4. He obviously knew. He was nice enough not to say anything.

    Don't bring it up, don't get caught. Just leave it. He may not have noticed. If he brings it up don't lie to him, arm yourself with information.

    Although he sounds like he was chill once, my mother is/was the same way. Ultra hippy, lots of drugs amongst other things *shudder*. Anyways she used to smoke pot but I know she wouldn't now, or even condone it. Just because it was one way once doesn't mean it still is.

  5. I'm a junior in college and I'm 12 years old, a prodigy actually.
  6. He's probably thinking to himself to whole time you guys were eating " Man, this kids high and he didnt even offer me a hit. Not cool bro, not cool at all" haha, jk.
  7. this is absurd
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    Good looks
  9. I have the desire to find my old gameboy and play pokemon after reading this thread.

    I think your dad knew though lol. But your probably doing fine in school and shit so theres no reason for him to worry.
  10. srsly?

    well, gotta be 18 bla bla bla
  11. Dude for real? He was making a joke :D
  12. you can actually get banned just for posting this.. just a heads up
  13. Right. I'm sure thats what he's thinking. Nailed it on the head there bro
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    I do it for teh lolz.
  15. yeah like his post even made any sense do you see any 12 year olds as a junior in college i think not why such a buzzkill your annoying.

  16. Dude you are a pussy.

    If i'm stoned and someone invites me to mexican food hell yah, whats the issue.

  17. You seem sort of simple minded. If you didn't understand from reading the original post let me try to help you. Try to put yourself in my shoes, if you're comfortable around your parents high then that's awesome! I'm clearly not. haha
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    Bit harsh
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    i was just trying to give him a heads up because i've seen it happen before. no need to be a prick

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