High, i'm from Texas!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by iMarihuana, May 11, 2011.

  1. Sup guys! New to the whole forum thing but i read them alot when i have questions. Just never came around to beng active and involved in them. So whats up everybody!
  2. Sup broabie how is it in texas
  3. Times be good. Nice bud,nice girls most shit chill :) - livin the 'high' life haha
  4. Texas is sickk.I use to stay near dallas,but now i live in austin.its amazing out here.Cant wait to get situated and be able to go to some concerts,and stuff.
  5. SUp man. im from texas to.
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    Ahaha that's good I'm glad just enjoy life and welcome love:)
  7. Hey man not from Texas but I'm your neighbor/rival in Oklahoma!
    Welcome to the city! :smoke:
  8. Houston here....Denver bound though :)

  9. Nice, wish I was heading up there! Love that city. MMJ sounds soooo good right now. I want to go to UCD.
  10. Same deal here, I'm from Austin and though I've often read forums like this one, I never actually joined or posted till now. Something to do while stoned and bored I guess, right?
  11. Sup guys, texas bound from the big OH-IO!!
  12. Whats up bro what part of texas are ya from, im from sa.
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  14. I already know I'm gunna like you. You and your clever title.

    Anyways, welcome breh, even though I haven't been here long.
  15. I hope everyone is having a good day, I'm also new and considering becoming very active in the forums. South Texas , just north of the Rio Grande Border.
  16. Fort Worth Here. Welcome to GC.
  17. Oh! I see majority of them from Texas. Well I am from NY
  18. baytown here right next to the great houston
  19. I'm in Texas and came from Ohio, too!

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