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  1. What if the longer a person goes without sex, the more socially awkward they become? Think about it, if there was a kid who was awkward, and then all of a sudden he started getting laid by tons of hot women at random for no apparent reason. Wouldn't he just have more confidence all of sudden? I find the idea impossible for him that he would still be awkward after that. Is it possible that there is a correlation since reproduction is basically, from an evolutionary view, the only reason we exist?
  2. But what about a confident man, who knows who he is, who for a period of time loses his 'mojo'. He knows the game, so will him being unable to intitiate sexual intercourse INCREASE his anxiety, I doubt that, after you learn lessons in life, you will not forget them. He will know how to react, on instinct. If I randomly got laid by 20 girls right now, Id feel like a boss for an instant, but in the end, I have no idea how it happened, it could be true, but its all a mind thing. He who understands life, laughs at it.
  3. The confidence of a man has nothing to do with how many times he has sex....if it is then I feel sorry for that individual.
  4. Inhale confidence exhale positive gotta love life
  5. mind fucked....
  6. Op, please enlighten us as to how you came up with this theory? Do you perhaps know someone who feels this way and does that person perhaps live in your mirror?
  7. i think more factors would come into play..

  8. You never know how the mind works when you're stoned.
  9. I agree OP, haha never wides thot of it thru that prospective
  10. ^^^This guy is definitely stoned

  11. Haha what makes you say that lonely stoner man?
  12. [quote name='"SublimeFTW420"']He who understands life, laughs at it.[/quote]

    Yur a genius
  13. Well I did get more confident after I started having sex..

  14. Exactly. Who doesn't?

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