high humidity with good air flow?

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  1. hi guys.

    quick question..

    i currently have 3 AFs on 20/4 cycle and only 4 weeks left til harvest in a 120x60x150 tent with a 4" exhaust fan and the intake flap removed for passive intake. i also have a 9" clip on fan blowing air over the canopy of the plants (not osc). i also have a small 1.5l dehumi at the passive intake but not sure if its helping.

    my humidity when lights on is always around 45-55% but lights off it sometimes gets as high as 75%

    ive heard that with good air flow. high humidity isnt always a problem.

    any ideas what i can do??
  2. Dont worry too much about humidity unless you see issues due to it. With so much foliage and watering schedual it is very hard to keep humidity low in most areas.
  3. agreed I wouldn't worry too much unless your growing critical mass or something with critical mass in it..as the buds to this strain get so huge it becomes VERY susceptible to mold...(I learned the hard way) gotta be careful with humidity especially the last week...but your numbers look good...so I wouldn't do much unless the plants show you they need a change..

    good luck

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  4. thanks guys

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