high humidity into flower

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by jdog86, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. my humidity has been perfect all the way through my grow now bar like my 5th week into flower its going up into the high 80s when its been between 40-60 for 2 months i am baffeled is there a reason for this?

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  2. Where do you live? Here in Southern California I usually have an outside humidity of 15-30% but since this weather system has moved in, the outside humidity has been 80%.

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  3. the weather isnt that hot here outside humidity is about 75 but weather hasnt changed much so that shouldnt be it was wandering if the plants go through a stage late in flower

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  4. They do use and transpire way more moisture in the later stages of bud but I've never seen RH increase much because of it. However if ur outside RH is 75% its going to be similar in the grow area unless u dehumidify it
  5. had to invest in a dehumidifier:( my humidity was rising that high only when the lights were on for 5 days it was between 50-60 when lights off will i be safe from mould do you think?

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  6. That's a good RH level but you are never safe from spores. I fight powdery mildew constantly but it is controllable if you catch it early and keep up with it. Actual mould I've only ever seen once during the early stages of my grow experience. It was in some buds on the drying racks that prolly got it when I had no idea about powdery mildew or its effects on pot.
  7. luckily not had any powdery mildew in my crop yet, hopefully im sorted now! :)

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