high humidity at 12/12

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  1. So yall have any tips for affordable inline fans or dehumidifiers. I need to flip my plants soon i have 8 in my 5x5 and when i zip up the tent huminity goes to 100%. Cause damage to my electronics in there from moisture buildup. Any help is apprecaited. I dont wanna damage this led i spent $750 on smh lol
  2. Sorry....yeah, you DEF need some air exchange in there!
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  3. Yeah do u have any bandaid i could use in the mean time till a get a fan with ducting? Thanks :)
  4. Not anything that would bring it from 100% down to a reasonable RH....I dont have that problem cuz I grow autos so my room stays open, since I dont have to worry about light leaks, with a deskfan blowing in there
  5. If you can raise heat in the mean time it will lower humidity
  6. And i use the ac infinity cloudline inline fan and love it

  7. Is it enough for a 5x5 7.5? I’m about to purchase. I apprecaite it!
  8. Well i use the 6 inch for a 4x4x7 and only half power and its plenty
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  9. Can i see your girls? Im currently on my first ever grow!
  10. And so yeah actually i would go with the 8 inch if i were you so you could run it less power as well. And make sure your tent can fit the 8 inch ducting.
  11. Obviously a good dehumidifier is the best way but can be expensive
    I use Damprid jars - cheap refill weekly - works well
  12. yeah the big one is sick at the moment but slowly coming back to life lol im about to initiate flowering shortley after and install trellus netting. Can i see a pic of ur first grow?! This is my 3rd grow
  13. These girls are my first!! Just switched to 12/12 yesterday.

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  14. I perpetual grow
    3 week germ
    8 week veg
    8 week bloom
    1 week dry
    1 week cure
    Thors Hammer
    Dark Helmet
    Purple Indica
    Canna and Emerald Harvest nutes
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  15. Just use a small 6 inch fan blowing the hot humid air out of the top of the tent clipped onto a bar going out the 6 inch vent hole. Then went and bought a 20$ oscillating stand up fan just blowing the air around over the tops of the plants. Seems to be working decent just kicked into flower last week so I turned my humidifier off and my humidity stays around 55% down to 35% depending on how dry the soil is . That 20 fan takes up alot of space so I just flipped it upside and secured it to the roof in the corner.

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  16. I had the exact same problem with my tent. You can use the fans to flush the air from the system, but a dehumidifer is the way to go. Don't get a small one they don't work worth a damn. This is the smallest one I found that worked. It has no problem keeping my humidity at 45% all day long. I got the 4-Gallon.


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