High how are you? Im Erin

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    Hi. I'm erin. Not sure how to really do this since it's my first time, but basically i like to get high a lot:D
    i live in Bum Fuck Egypt and i hate it>:[ Well Reno, Nevada to be correct. I smoke the herb everyy day to help me forget that I live here lol;)
    To answer your question - How often do you smoke and how much? I weigh roughly around 130, but I'm still a "lightweight" because even though i build up a tolerance, after a while i still only get high really easily, it just doesn't last as long if i don't smoke less then two hits. But anyway i just love the feeling of it:roll eyes: I first puffed the magic dragon when i was 14, and my first week of high school i think, and ever since then i've come to acceptance with my feelings and what my purpose is with the time i have here, and what i should do with it.
    I think i have a lot of cool ideas and experiences to talk about, i want to meet NEW people!! :)
    So tell me about yourself?! :)
  2. Hi Erin.

    Well, I hope you enjoy going around meeting new people to trust really fast, because sadly this forum is age restricted and your time here is running out. Also, never say "puff the magic dragon" again.
  3. first of all, fuck you. bad vibe
  4. You could have been nice about it, I didn't make the rules Erin from Bum Fuck Egypt. Just to be petty, I could expedite your inevitable banning.

    PS: Mods see edits.
  5. well if you wanna be a dick about it. grr, fuck the system man ! age doesn't depend on maturity or intelligence.. but okay
  6. [quote name='"Legendaryyy"']Hi Erin! I'm Christopher and In from san Francisco. Me and my partner make a living by shooting and producing gay stoner videos. A lot of blades watch them, and are a huge fan of my work. In our recent video, " Tony Tokes A Dick ", I have a cameo in which I jizz into a bowl and then smoke it whole my friend tony takes a dump on my face. Like you did, I found my calling through herb. I've decided this is what I have wanted to do with my life. This is me. My passion, my charisma. This is my story.[/quote]

    Best porno ever. I literally cummed for 30 seconds while watching and I got it all in my bong and smoked it with pleasure. And I didn't even touch myself, I just sat there. Thank you for the life changing experience, keep at it!
  7. Well that's true in some cases... But sadly the "system" is moderated by the people who decide whether you can be here or not, and already you've broken multiple rules of theirs.
  8. and did you get high off your cum?
  9. what is this rule book ?! damn..

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