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High hit me late?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ziggzag420, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Sup folks, i blazed a couple hours ago, not my regular shit it was my friends, not the dank im used to, but still not bad, but i was wonderin why, but i didnt get high, so i said whatever, fuck it, just watched a little tv, and got on here cus it just hit me in the FACE, any idea why it hit me late?
  2. Generally when my weed punches me in the face I get pissed the fuck off and beat the shit outta that pussy. :cool:
  3. oddly enough different strains and different forms of smoking can make the high almost sneak up on you.
  4. yeah in my town we call that creeper weed, cuz you'll sit there and wonder why your not high, then BAM,
    you're in space.
  5. Hell yeah! Some Deathstar did that to me, I was so fucking gone too.
  6. Creepers.

    Like a 20 minute and then bang...o_O

  7. exactly then youre straight up zoned :smoke:
  8. creeper bud man. I personally love it. Ill be decently high after i finish smoking and then 15 minutes later im just like.... gone. It's a pleasant little surprise
  9. Thats happened to me but usually after i smoke i sit down and start to get angrythat im not like high then i go to get sometin and as soon as i get up i can feel it haha
  10. Had some OG once that did this to was my high cherry popper also. Like i had smoked mid tons of times and what not and dank a couple....but u know that one smoke when u realize you've been smokin dirt compared to this the whole time. Anyway i smoked 2 bowls and was my usually level of high. Walked back to this kids house because he ordered a boxing match we wanted to see. So we get there and right as it starts it hits and i remember thinking "why am i still getting higher...." then BOOM i thought my eyes were lazers and i was shooting the guys who were boxing.
  11. Sometimes no mater how much I smoke I don't feel high until I exit the bathroom I was smoking in.
  12. CREEP creep creep creep

  13. that creeper weeds dangerous man. Smoke im not that high...smoke more...and more ...and more....munchies kick in and you go for a drive to 7-11...wake up the next day with a chinese man in your trunck and a baby in you satchel.

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