High "Hangover" Remedy?

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  1. I toke daily, usually just a bowl to myself if I'm not going out to smoke with friends. I usually fall asleep before the high has completely worn off, and when i wake up I just feel groggy, tired, and out of it. I've noticed its affecting my work habit. Like say I'm doing yard work, if i haven't toked in a few days I can do it at a fast pace. If I toked the night before i was doing the yard work, I usually do it at a really slow pace. haha

    Now I'm wondering my fellow tokers, if you guys have come up with any ways to get rid of the tired effect after your high wears off? Energy drinks/coffee? Don't smoke everyday? Surely I can't be the only one feeling this way after the high wears off!
  2. I know exactly how you feel

    What i do is take the coldest shower i can possible bare and an energy drink does the trick
    But usually just a cold shower alone works
  3. I actually take one small hit out of the pipe in the morning and I'm good.
  4. Ya, like the guy above me said, I usually only get that feeling in the morning, and usuaully If I'm concerned about being groggy its when I'm going to work so I just burn a bowl and feel better hahaha it's a never ending cycle
  5. Agreed. Have a toke, munch the fuck out, drink some coffee and I'm good.
  6. idk for me im useless unless i sleep before bed. but insomnia and possible sleep apnea are more than likely the reason for that.
  7. Smoke some more!
  8. cool shower, get cleaned up, go outside on the back porch and breath some real air, then do some stretching and whatnot, eat some food and drink water.

    works pretty well. its a good ritual even without high hangovers.
  9. Go back to bed.
  10. Don't go to bed high.
  11. You need to take a few weeks off the ole bong yourself with a crazy comment like that. There can't possibly be any correlation between waking up with a high hangover and getting high when you go to bed the night before. Hell - sometimes they don't even occur on the same calendar day so that proves it.
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    Are you eating a lot of bad food before you sleep? The only time I feel like shit after a night of smoking is when I eat tons of shitty gas station food or something.
  13. smoking more is about the worst thing you can do. a good workout will get you feeling spry and alert.
  14. I like to smoke a bowl just enough for a buzz then shower and eat a good breakfast. That always snaps me out of a funk
  15. Me and my buddy smoked pretty much everyday for the past year and constantly tried to figure out ways to remove this hangover. Then I got a gf, and even though I still smoked everyday I would sleep over at her place most nights through the week. I realized that the nights I slept at her place I would wake up feeling just fine, but the nights when I slept home I would get hungover.

    I believe the reasons why I didn't get a hangover when I slept at her place was because I got more or less sober before falling asleep, but when I slept at home I would always take a hit right before hitting the sack and get the hangover. I think the moral is don't be super high when going to sleep, wait a couple of hours til you feel more sober and then sleep. However, going to bed right after a hit is pretty good...
  16. I work out on regularly basis and have been doing so for the past 5 years, and I can easily still get those weed hangovers so I doubt that got so much to do about it. Oh and working out when you got that weed hangover is a bitch.
  17. Yea, I'm pretty groggy in the morning. Takes me about 30 mins to "wake up" each day.

    Ideally, I start with an orange or grapefruit--citrus fruits help jump start your metabolism, so it gets your body going.

    Then, I'll make a cup of coffee and a good breakfast. Eat the breakfast and sip on the coffee... by the time I'm done with the coffee, I'm usually feeling good and ready for the day. :)
  18. some bath salts will perk you right up!...but dont smoke any bud after that, cus u might get the munchies for face...

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