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Discussion in 'General' started by MrSmokebigbuds, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. need help..my plants all ways go to 0% heath after like 3 days...do i fet or not fet...i dont know what iam doing worng
  2. just make sure they have plenty water and bring the lights down close to them... i woulndt fertilize for at least a few weeks... but someone else might be able to help you better than me
  3. I don't fertalize at all and my plants are hella happy. I just give em a bit o water every day and keep the lights right down on em.
  4. o..how high(mets) do u keep em? and about how much water do u keep in em'?
  5. and one last thing, do u know who the hole time thing works ie 00 H 34 ? thanks...peace
  6. By time, do you mean the photoperiod? Just set when you want the lights to go on and off. I currently only have em off for 4 out of 24 hours. I give each plant 200ml of water a day, and keep the lights as close to the growing tips as possible without touching them. But each plant is different and might like something else.
  7. what high grow do u have i think we may have diffrent versons

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