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  1. Hello all interested parties.
    I was a member of grasscity some 5 years ago(I forgot my login info so started a new acct) and always got good info.

    I have been a caregiver for 7 years. I have grown indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse. I as well am a patient for chronic pain and as an appetite stimulate. Not to mention the many other things marijuana can cure which do not fall under current laws. State laws of course since the feds don't necessarily agree, unfortunate to say the least. Marijuana has been used medicinally for centuries, probably milleniums and has improved the quality of life for millions if not billions of humans.

    I started a new account due to the fact I am seeking advice for one of my patients who desperately needs medical assistance. If you have any advice it is greatly appreciated. I posted a link to my first new thread below in an attempt to get some information. If anyone reading this has knowledge of the subject please comment on my post.

    cold process vg tincture

    It is nice to have a place to get assistance and I thank anyone who can help in advance.

    Fellow connoisseur of god's medicine,

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