High-Grade seeds, Toronto a real deal?

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  1. I have been trying to contact ANYONE at all at High-grade seeds about an order I placed. Their web-site states that they will send a mailing address within 24 hours after you submit an order. Well... it's been a week now, and 3 e-mail inquiries later and still nothing. :( Anyone ever have a phone number for them? They also say they answer all e-mails in 24 hours... so far no go on that front. My frustration is beginning to show just a bit and I'm about to say hell with them and go to another supplier. Any suggestions?:cool:
  2. How much you payin for the seeds?

    Cuz honestly, if its alot, i'd just use bag seed.

    Its not the best shit, and you can't tell if they're male, but its free.

    I remember taking 100 bag seed, getting 92 females(lucky me!) and getting 87 grown to fruition.

    got about 1.2 pounds from that!

  3. You got 19 ounces from 87 plants????
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    Get Purple Cindy from Highgradeseeds they are bomb.

    EDIT:go to DRchronic they are more user friendly.
  5. Seeds cost 192 american. But they are all ddddddddank short strains good for indo-hydro. Never can tell how big bag seeds will get.

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