HigH from Oregon!! :-D

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SassyPants, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Hi everybody..

    I just signed up here today after I was searching for recipes on making hash butter and found what looks like an awesome community for users and growers alike!

    I hope to come here and learn something new everyday or at least be entertained.

    I look forward to meeting you all!!!

    ~ OMMP Patient ~

  2. welcome to the city bro....you'll find that everyone here for the most part is really cool, and if you have any questions at all...ask, it's what we are hear for....keep on toakin:smoke:
  3. Thanx! Though I don't qualify as a "bro" technically. ;-)
  4. HigH from Oregon too!! Eugene here.
  5. Hey Eugene! Portland here! .. Kind of. Super secret location somewhere near there. LOL!

    Do you grow? :wave:

    ~ Gwench ~
  6. I do not. But I enjoy inhaling.
  7. Welcome to Grasscity!
  8. Hey what's up guys , i'm a little south of you in Redding , CA. I really like the shop on this site so I decided to sign up. Let the stoner hijinx ensue!
  9. I'm down for a little hijinx action! lol...

    On the days that the fibromyalgia isn't making me totally braindead I can be a good source of information for people as well. I like researching things and learning new things... So I am more than happy to help people get information when they need it. :)

    Anybody know what is a reasonable amount of hash to butter ratio for making hash butter?.. I've been looking through the recipes and I thought 3.5g of kief or hash to 4oz butter seemed like a bit much. I want my baked good to get me baked, not kill me... I've had experiences in making brownies in the past that left me in a coma for a full day and I had a hard time standing up. LOL...

    I hope everyone is having a great day. :-D

  10. HIGH from oregon as well. MADRAS here!
    hows it all smokin everybody!?!?!
  11. Hey, What's Up Madras?? :p

    I have my vaporizer going and I am preparing myself to go make some hash butter for my brownies!!!!
  12. Whats up from the 541 (in a county between eugene and salem). Oregon buds are superior. Oregon is where its at. Sorry cali!
  13. Oregon probably does have some good buds but the stuff that's grown around here in Shasta/Trinity county is some of the best weed on the planet. Also to SASSYPANTS...sorry to hear that , one of my Aunts has that and it makes her totally crazy.
  14. another eugene here haha, welcome!
  15. I've had killer products from both Oregon and California... I gotta say, the best Island Sweet Skunk I had came from B.C. though. :-D

    The fibro sucks, but I'm still alive. :) Tell your aunt she needs to smoke/vaporize (if she's not already). It helps with the fatigue and pain.. I find the sativa dominant strains work best for me.

    - In the words of Ronald Kipling Dynamite Jr., "Peace out."
  16. How do you kids like it in Eugene?... I'm not a city person, but I was thinking it might be kind of nice an hour outside Eugene or so.

    Then again, I would really just rather move to New Zealand. :-D
  17. MADRAS is GAY. im originally from Visalia,California,moved here in may...the buds are bomb and the hash is even bomber...but if i had to chose a location with the bomber shit,it would have to be california...cause ive gotten some BOMBOMBOMB WEED there!
  18. I think we need to find you better supply then mister!! :-D ...

    Come to Portland.. Lots of Humboldt imports here.
  19. ohh i have alot of friends from portland... most of the bombest weed here in madras is from portland.

    so i know how bomb it can be there.
  20. im in hillsboro

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