high from matanuska valley, alaska

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  1. high there, good people.
    just a quick introduction because my wife is waiting for me to finish this so we can step out and scent the air :smoke:
    I go by J, 29 years old now. been smoking since i was probably 15 and been growing since 16 more or less heh. was raised up here in alaska, moved down the states for a good number of years. now i'm back up in the AK with a new baby girl and wife and can't ever think of leaving this awesome valley.
    it's good to be part of an awesome forum like grasscity and look forward to learning and talking to my green-lunged brothers and sisters
  2. Welcome to the city man! I've always wanted to live in Alaska and see what it was like.

    How do they feel about pot all around there, community and enforcement wise?
  3. it works in a strange way at times because the rules can change a bit when the state level starts feeling a lot of pressure from the feds to make it a lil less 420 friendly. but it basically breaks down to where if the cops catch u with less then an ounce outside your home, or you're smoking it in plan view. they might use that oppurtunity to arrest you, however they know full well that the courts won't prosecute you unless you have a hell of a background. therefor, the cops will basically take your stash/joint and tell you to get home for that kind of thing. or they'll let u keep your stash and tell you the same thing, to get home with that.
    selling it of course is always a no-no, you will indeed be arrested.
    as far as growing, cops will bust you if you're growing in a large, commercial way. or if you have a small grow, they might use that as a way to gain entrance to search for something else.
    so the cops can arrest you for growing/smoking, but they feel its a waste of their time and money.
    amount of plants allowed changes a bit, at the moment i think it's legally 4 plants per house, per person. for medical, it's no more then 25 plants.
    oh and community wise, this is definately a 420 friendly state lol. the valley here is known for growing huge everything, and being extremely high soil even for alaska. but all of alaska is very well known for growing excellent bud, and the locals are very proud of that
  4. Very Cool, may have to look more into it, whereabouts in the state are you?

    What areas there would you suggest moving to as someone who wants lots of privacy and to grow maybe 4-6 plants?
  5. mat-su valley area. around palmer and wasilla, there's a lot of land still available and its a good market for buying homes too. i'm up on a mountain about 15 miles from palmer with 10 acres so i've got lots of privacy. i like being able to go out in my yard stark naked and blast some guns if the mood strikes lol.
    areas like anchorage are a bit over populated, eagle river is a nice area, but for more of a smaller town feel. wasilla, palmer, sutton, girdwood, soldotna. those are nice areas to live
  6. awesome man, sounds like you got a pretty sweet spot.

    I needa do some more research on the area!

    thanks for the info!
  7. Welcome to the forums

    My favorite bud ever came when my buddy took a fishing trip to alaska and brought it back all the way to mass. Was definetly worth the wait
  8. Hey thats dank man. You happen to have any pics of some good alaskan bud?
  9. I'm from mass too

    Welcome to the forums man i have always wanted to visit Alaska.
  10. dude. you have a strain named from your valley, huh? nice. I want to make my own strain that becomes world famous and name it after Something in Portland.

    ...like ...willamina weed, or something. or SANTIAM SATIVA!!!
  11. portlands already got the oregon big bud which has definately made a name for itself, was adopted in BC and they made that crazy bc bud with it. plus portlands got some AWESOME shrooms there, good ol ufo's.
    i just think any area that allows its growers to do their thing in peace will evenutally have killer strains. i mean hell, even kentucky has that killer new haven. arkansas i remember has some famous stuff called green crack and those two areas will nail you for growing.
    i think one reason this area has become so well known for good herb is a combination of excellent outside grow conditions during the summer; volcanic ash left from glaciers carving this valley out, then our 22 hours of sunlight during summer doesn't hurt either. and then, just the cops letting us do our thing. lots of import strains find their way up here too, nyc sour deisel has been popping up a lot around here, and bc's romulan which is very, very fine smoke. it's just a good "crossroads" area for the 420 crowd.
    and yeah, i do have some pics of some alaskan grown i'll throw up here.
  12. Welcome bro im in anchorage. alaska most def has the finest bud in the land better then cali even.:smoking:
  13. well, right the hell on! i was hoping to find some alaskans on here. also like to find a few hippies down in the kenai/homer area lol
  14. I have a cousin who grows out there.

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