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  1. I have wanted to do a vlog for awhile now.
    I was trying to think of a concept, and then it hit me after watching Hannah in the Kitchen (a girl who drinks and then cooks). Why not get super stoned and then talk or cook?

    I'm a comedian by heart, and I've been told when I'm high, the little bit of filter I do have is completely lifted.
    My only concern is the legalities of it. As long as I don't show the weed, can my vlog be considered legal to air?
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    Honey, it is fine! Freedom of speech and all that! Even using canna-oil would be fine- unless you were actually raided and they tested it! Same with ground herb- it could be parsley! And unless you became a PITA to the government, you wouldn't be worth bothering with!

    May I suggest that you check out BadKittySmiles' sticky? May give you some ideas!

    And concentrate on salmon, walnuts and hemp seed. They all have Omega 3 which you need for a normally functioning endocannabinoid system. Without Omega 3, the CB1 receptors are made defectively.

    The CB1 receptors in your brain are responsible for the THC high! If they don't work, you don't get high! Fortunately, we have millions of CB1 receptors, but our Omega 3 deficient diet has certainly created way too many broken CB1s in most folks. They are missing out on their optimal high because of all those broken CB1s!

    Click that first link in my sig and check out the nutritional info on hemp seed! You want your show to produce healthy, as well as delicious, food!

  3. Other than the fact that my parents would flip out, I think it'd be awesome.
  4. yeah check out tokinGLX, the Cannabis Connesuier Connection, and MastahRolla they are doing some great shows on youtube at the moment and im sure it wouldnt take long for a show of the same type but with a female host to catch on.

    and you could always cover your face on cam, alot of hosts wear cool masks. good luck
  5. Nah, I'm too pretty to keep my beauty from the world.
    LOL Think Jenna Marbles (not as hot) and funnier.
  6. a stoner jenna marbles? hell yeah!
  7. Jenna Marbles with cats? The internet might explode
  8. Just the one cat. He'll make an appearance every once in awhile.
    If I could get Jenna on Skype when I make it big, it'll be such a fantasy for men everywhere.
  9. Thats not a fantasy...maybe when you guys get together and wrestle topless in a kiddie pool full of baby oil and chocolate pudding, then hire me to clean Jenna off with my tongue...i forget where i was going with this, but i know where im going now (Hint: My jackin shack)
  10. pahaha. I would do that.

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