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  1. hey, wow is been a great night my frined from here nucan came by and i showed him the purple buds i got. and i just smoked alittle not with him but we are gettin some K7. KUSH i'm gunna be so high. right now i'm outta this world its great. i spend about 10 minutes in my pitch black room looking for the door knob. i'd like to add that i realy like these boards over at cannabis.com most of the general board is very immature. i still visit it, but these seems like a more stoner friendly place where love and not hate is spread. BTW i know most people dont know me here but i opend up and wrote everything major thats messed up in my life recently. i'm not here for pity just advice and to get things off my mind. hell i'm so high still i dont remeber what i've typed and my vision is fucked up and i cant read it. but i am a ninja at typing and havent made many mistakes i dont think. One more thing post cool weed GIFS here i got a cool one,

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  2. well welcome to the city, yeah you're right about the love of the people here at the city...good karma all the way my friend...i'll post some pics later of my babies in a post i started when they were babies....noe they're 17 days old and very bushy.....Peace out...Sid
  3. nice

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