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  1. Hey guys,

    I am week 3 into flowering a Ghost Train Haze plant. I recently installed an auto feeder so I don't have to mix nutrients everyday. I started doing high frequency fertilization as I kept having issues with salt buildup and I read an article on Coco for cannabis stating that this eliminates this issue and keeps the growing medium more stable. I have ran into humidity issues but have a 5 quart dehumidifier coming in to deal with that. I wanted to see if any one else has tried this with success, or if this seems like a good route to go? Here is the the article I have been following if anyone wants to look. Growing Cannabis in Coco Coir with High Frequency Fertigation - Coco For Cannabis

    Plants Currently growing
    (1) Ghost Train Haze

    Grow Setup:
    3x3 Vivosun grow tent
    x2 300W ViparSpectre LED lights.
    x1 VivoSun exhaust kit with carbon filter
    x1 5 Gal plastic pot with Coco Coir with 40% perlite mix.
    x1 Humidifier tied to a humidity sensor.
    x1 30oz Dehumidifier tied to a humidity sensor.
    Temperature: 70°f-75°f
    Relative Humility: 55-65%

    Feeding nutrients and schedule
    Lucas Formula (6ml of Flora Micro and 9ml of Flora Bloom with 2ml of CalMag which comes out to 850PPM which produces run off at 1050-1100ppm), I buffer PH to 6.0 but sometimes swings to 6.1. I use RO which is around 9PPM.
    I feed/water (5) times a day (high frequency fertigation) with 10% runoff. The first watering is at 6:00 a.m when the plants first wake up then again at 9:30 a.m, 1:00 p.m, 4:30 p.m, and a final feeding at 10:00 p.m (4 hours after lights out).

  2. Yeah mate that's what you're supposed to do with coco :) . It's hydroponics not soil. Pretty much impossible to over water but you're garunteed dramas if you don't water enough.
    Once a day for seedlings-early veg.
    Twice a day for late veg then 2-4 times for bloom.
    Don't need to get rid of the waste iether, just recirc it and save tons on the nutes bill :)
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  3. Cool, I just wanted to make sure that my water frequency was correct. I will continue my current water regimen then. I did not know I could reuse the nutrient run off from a drain to waste system, I will try that going forward.
  4. It’s my understanding that yes you can reuse your nutes BUT you risk high EC. Which is basically salt buildup. Measure your intake and outtake. That site is a good one your getting your info from. That guy is all about EC.
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  5. I do 3x a day in my flower room - just enough for about 20% runoff. Don't reuse the drained nutes. They'll carry out excess salts and unused nutes which will cause the ratios to get completely unbalanced. Even if you dilute with water to get the conductivity in rage, that doesn't at all mean that you'd have the proper NPK ratios anymore.

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