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High for thirty minutes before i sleep?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmokinSmoker420, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. #1 SmokinSmoker420, Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 5, 2010

    Side notes-I smoke very dank a new smoker (6 months) but i know what dank is lol. Also what im smokin is a very heavy indica. (I cannot find anything else...dif bud is not an option)

    Whenever i smoke bud (usually around 10:00 when the rents are asleep upstairs) i get unbeleivably high. To the point where i cant follow any movie plot ill try and pay attention then ten minutes later ill b like wtf how is this guy dead now? Am i smokin too late? i usually go to bed anyway at like 10:30 lol)

    So its awesome and time goes by very slow...10minutes will feel like an hr...i think its like midnight and i can party all i want and i look at the clock im 15minutes into my high. So my problem is by the time its 10:30 im really high still but my body just gets tired instead of feeling high...

    BTW when im high its almost always alone and i just listen to music/watch some good tv. (Its not boring at all btw and really stimulates me soo thats not changing)

  2. smoke less?:confused_2:

    or try vaping, its a lighter more focused high

    If you are getting too high when you smoke, just cut the amount down by half. If you want to get higher in 15min then smoke some more.
  3. 1.caffine
    2.try doing something productive when your high.
  4. Ummm....
  5. I heard caffeine just sobers you up?

    About the active part...My body kind of locks down like couch lock but its epic couch lock soo i really cant get up and doo much :p

    Smokin less may help but whenever i take another hit it wakes me up for like three seconds lol...only thing keepin me awake the WHOLE time haha. But i culd try that!

    Also a lil somedin that might help...When i smoke really late ill take like three hits not feel HIGH AT ALL and literally just get unbeleivably TIRED!
  6. Lol i fixed that problem...i re read my post and laupghed my ass of at myself :p:rolleyes:
  7. thats pretty much how weed works.....what are you asking still?

    caffeine doesnt sober you up technically, its just the compounding effects that cancel each other out, chemically, you are still absorbing the same amounts of THC regardless of your caffeine intake. And caffeine before bed is not the best idea, it can cause irregular sleeping patterns and you will feel like shit in the morning because your rest wasnt as restful as it should have been because of the cardiac stimulation which in turn raises your body temp which bottlenecks how deep of a sleep you can get.

  8. I laughed at least :smoke:.

    Do what I do and start taking little snaps ever 10-15minutes until you reach your desired level of bakedness.
  9. First real answer/help ive got thank you and +rep

    Im goin to try this my next pick up... :)
  10. smoke slower or not as much

    or a little bit of both

  11. smoke to get to that nice point, appreciate the tolerance. seems like your over doing it
  12. you get tired because you dont smoke a lot and if your not high after 15 - 30 min then its shitty weed whether you think so or not
  13. NO I GET REALLY HIGH just only lasts for like 30minutes before it turns in too getting tired lol.

  14. I used to get like that when I'd stay at my friends place and we'd just rip full 1g bowls out of his roor, baked off my ass for about 30min-1hour then crash hard. Now I take little .1-.2g snaps out of my mini bubbler while walking around campus and just take as many snaps as it takes me to start feeling good.

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