High for the first time

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Relieved, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. :smoke:The first time i got real fucked up i was 15 was blowing some hydro didn't have a name but was lime green. Lol i couldn't walk i was laying on the couch staring at the ceiling.
  2. How long ago was that? Sounds great :smoke:
  3. The first time I got high a couple of my good friends and I took the day off school to smoke a couple of joints. She has a really pretty backyard and it was lightly raining, we decided to throw on some Blink 182 and light some incense too so the atmosphere was really chilled. We ended up making noodles and dancing too hahah. Like most people I've shared stories with, I don't think I got properly high that day but I got buzzed and had lots of fun anyway; I like noodles and dancing regardless of my mental state :p
  4. 3 years ago im 18 now.

  5. Nice save ;)
  6. First time i was stoned, was in the woods in PA with a few buddies of mine. I smoked one time before but didnt get high, so we smoked a few bowls and i was ripped. We went to the community center and we were all just chilling at a table. My mom walks in and looks at me, i put my hands on my head saying my eyes hurt. She knew then i was ripped, dam red eyes. :smoking:
  7. The first time I smoked I smoked three bowls with a few other people, then had an entire vape bag to myself. Needless to say I was clinging to my friend Charlie telling him to wake me up in the midst of my laughter! Good time, I wish I could be that high again <3

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