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High for a good 30 odd hours?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by homesickthug, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. So on Monday April 4 around 7pm I had a brownie with purple strain, and I was under the impression I was fine to have an entire piece, but only after did he tell me I should have only had a 1/3 of a piece.
    I was really really out of it and it was a great trip, and I woke up the next day, tuesday april 5, and was still completely stoned and unable to function. It was fine but I was just ready for it to be over. And then around 9pm, so 26 hours after initial consumption, I went from laughing and want not to hallucinating and having a panic attack. i went to sleep around 1 so 30 hours after initial consumption and woke up today, not stoned and feeling a lot better but I still feel really dazed and out of it and like time is running past me and im scattered and its like everything is blending in.
    I've never had that much weed at once before, and I've never had a trip like that before, so is it normal that I still feel kinda out of it(its april 6 11PM) ?
  2. Well either you got a super heavily dosed edible or you over consumed thinking your smoking tolerance would make you require more of a dose (eating and smoking are two different ball games). Is the supplier legit, do they know how much they are putting in edibles, is it possible they (or someone else) added other drugs to the mix?I've heard of lingering after effects next day but never a 30 hour continual high, not saying it's impossible but you'd have to have eaten a boat load of THC like way beyond the 150-300mg range and those are massive doses, at least in my experience
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  3. I've had a very long high lasting well over 20ish hours it's very possible with enough weed in the brownie, it will go away, also next time pace yourself with eating them they do take time to kick in and that why many people underestimate them, then once they kick it it's far too much.
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  4. You greened out from an edible. Totally normal, and edibles are usually the way it happens. It happened to me once too, the first time I made edibles. I had no idea what I was doing and made 3 firecrackers, only apparently I made them way too strong. I ate one, waited 45 mins, not much of an effect, so ate another. 15 minutes later (60 after eating the first one) the first one hits me HARD. Oh shit I think, I shouldn't have eaten that second one. After that first one fully kicked in, I could watch TV but it was difficult to move. When the second one kicked in, I was gone. I'd started eating at 6p, felt the first effects at 7p, and then around 8p I couldn't do shit and was stuck on my couch, awake, until 5a. At 5a I could finally get up and go pee. It took me an hour to pee. I then went to bed and slept until around 2p when I got up and was still high. I didn't feel right until around 11p the second day.

    Next time, you probably won't green out like that, but you will just get really super high.
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  5. Omg this always happened to me. I use to hate it since I work at 7 am and my parents would be always downstairs and it was just so awkward heating up my car because I felt so stoned. Once I got to work it was like I was controlling time.

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  6. cuz its been a few days and im not high anymore and i wasnt yesterday but im still feeling dazed and out of it and like stuff is spinning, not as much as yesterday but yea.
    thanks friends
  7. Wanting to sleep but cant due to psychoactive drugs are the worst. I'll get panic attacks when it happens.

    With edibles anythings possible haha

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