High fail ;(

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by FiveOnIt, May 19, 2010.

  1. so today with a couple friends i got baked. had the perfect stuff to cure my kottonmouth too! arizona iced tea, the big jugs. so after 3-4 bowls, i got my arizona out of my car and brought it inside. i took a sip out of it, and a funny idea popped into my head. what if i pretended to dump the arizona iced tea onto my head, but left the cover on? woah, they would laugh their asses off! well i proceeded to do this, but after i took the sip, i never put the cap tightly on. disaster followed, i presume you all know the ending of the story..
  2. i loled, cuz i did the same thing once, but with a slurpy....so no matter if there is a cap on ur fucked.

  3. :hello:

    Classic shit man.

    Atleast you got them to laugh afterall eh?
  4. Well atleast the funny in the idea was there.
  5. I would've cried

    Never waste arizona, that shit is good.
  6. yes they all laughed histerically, they had no idea what was going through my head - they just thought i was hot or something and wanted to cool down.
  7. lmao, thats the kinda thing u gotta play off like u did it on purpose
  8. Well at least this beats stained undies
  9. hahaha! i dont think anyone but i here know what your talking about :p and i really did try to play it off, but its not that easy to play off dumping arizona on your head saying 'i meant to do it!'

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