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high experience?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Tyler787123, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. I was wondering if anybody out there that smokes that doesnt have a tolerance was tripping like me. So.... I was with my friend and we were walking to go meet the plug. When we got to his house we sat down and decided to get baked.he pulled his blue diesel and i pulled out my mine drol idk what kind it was but it was good. We rolled a fat blunt and hit 3 hits from his bong. The first hit i wasnt feeling that high by the second hit i was gone and by then my friend was saying hes too high and cant hit no more. So then the bong got passed to me and i was way to high to hit it but i hit it for a good time, i was dying and needed a drink, by now i felt like i was in the 10th didimensionHe asked me if i wanted to do a gram of dab but i never thought i could go higher than i already was becuase it felt like theres no way to go higher and he said ok nvm. Everything was like echo location and i started hearing stuff. Then he passed me the blunt and i completely forgot how to use my hands and mouth. But somehow i did one hit and that was it. It felt like i got lock jaw so we left his house and started walking to the main rode and i lost all memory of where to go, like i knew where i was but i just didnt know where to go, but me and my friend guessed the right way we then stopped at a gas station nearby and went inside and when i tell you the gas station was like a video game that gas station was like a videp game the drinks were glowing so bright like glow sticks everything was glowing and we bought some off brand orange juice because it was like looking at the sun. Then i forgot the rest but we made it home and i wasnt trippimg anymore. Has anyone tripped like this before? I did about 2g

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