High everyone

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Artmmiii, Mar 13, 2002.

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm back! been having a lot of fun with the band lately. Hope everyone is doing Great!!!!

    Talk to ya, soon
  2. :wave: 'bout time you came back! Glad you're having fun, fill us in on some good band stories when ya get a chance. :smoking:
  3. High Art...nice to meet ya!

  4. Been hangin' out at some nice clubs in Texas, Arizonia, Utah, and New Mexico, great times, good music, great smoke along the way, met a band called the Pacheco Bros, really hot. just had to tell you about them, we were jealous. ha ha ha they knocked us down to second place at the battle of the bands. We did okay though

  5. Hi Stoney, missed ya!
  6. Hey Kees, and Superjoint, hope all is well, :) have to get some again...........well you know....bongs about worn to a cinder....... ha ha ha.



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