High End Pipe Showdown: Jack Herer Pipe VS. Incredibowl M420

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  1. Alright ladies and gentlemen, here are the two contenders:

    Incredibowl M420

    Jack Herer 5 inch

    Both are very high end pipes with some sort of new technology. Both are around $70.


    The Jack Herer Pipe claims to have some kind of vortex technology that cools down the smoke to 1/3 of the temperature. It's a very classy pipe and you're supposed to get 30+ hits from one bowl if you pack it correctly. It apparently has great airflow and it's very durable. It has great reviews. It's also signed by Jack Herer.

    The Incredibowl M420 is the miniature version of the Incredibowl I420 which won an award at the Cannabis Cup. It's some sort of steamroller that you pull the carb out and it pushes smoke into your lungs. I don't know the technical details but apparently it hits very smoothly. All over it has rave reviews.


    The Jack Herer Pipe is a wooden pipe. It's very difficult to clean and you have to pack it a special way that takes a long time.

    The M420 requires that you switch out or clean the screen every other time you use it. The bowl is on the very end, and I'm sure that bud could fall out.

    If anyone has used either of these pipes I would love your input. I'm going to purchase one of them tonight and I'm just not sure which.
  2. I've got the m420, its great, just needs to be cleaned often for max efficiency and taste.

    The jack seems like a good pipe but I decided not to buy it yet because

    1. Its wood i.e. impossible to completely clean without ruining it
    2. the bowl pack procedure is ridiculously long

    You can take HUGE powerhits from the m420 and also attach it to a bong which you can't do with the jack.
  3. The Jack seems complicated, and I'm a bit skeptical of their claims of bowl longevity, but it does look really cool and if it does cool it by 2/3 that might be the best performance of any dry pipe. The Incredibowl seems like it might be harsh due to it's steamroller design, but if it works like a gravity bong and gets all the smoke into your lungs in one quick push, then it will be smooth as velvet. Both look good. OP, you might want to consider the Model 419 pipe as well.

  4. you cn attact the m420 to your bong? how does that work, can i get a pic.

    And i got the same pre cooler as you th black leaf. Isnt it dumb its call octopus if it has 6 arms? shouldnt it have 8 lol:smoke:
  5. Yeah lol 6 arm octopus... guess the chinese suck at math after all... lol

    You can use the silicone mouthpiece turned backwards to seal the incredibowl tube to a bong joint and it will stay there. I usually just hold mine inside the giant black leaf bowl my bong came with cause I don't like to keep attaching and detaching it..

    heres a video from xploit using it on a zong.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=299_iX8pkec"]‪Incredibowl With mini zong‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  6. lol yeah, and that looks pretty cool. I just don't really use dry pipes anymore but if i did ever again i might try that out. Does it kind of push the smoke to you still in the bong?
  7. It doesn't push the smoke but it allows you to get hella milk going and then shoot it all at once. I kind of see it as a bong hit intensity magnifier and its a great ashcatcher.
  8. minus the filtration...I also own a I420 along with many other pieces and i have found it to be a really cool and innovative way to smoke...my friends have never seen one...nor have they ever heard of one before i whipped it out for a session.

    this is def a conversion starter at any party and just a fun overall addition to my collection:hello:
  9. Neither of those are high end at all
  10. ^^ whohulkwalk why are you such a hater. its still nice as fuck. Im sure if you had one your self youd be loving that shit and posting about how great it works.
  11. Sorry for "hating" but im gonna speak my mind.

    I wouldn't mind having the glorified steamroller but probably wouldn't post much about it because its kinda lame.And I definitely wouldn't post about the wooden pipe because I wouldn't use a wooden pipe.

    I would love to have some real high end spoons made be artist.
  12. there both not like normal glass pipes, its not just a wooden pipe either. It cools down the smoke.
  13. Some people don't care what you want and are trying to stay on topic.

    There are plenty of glass threads and just coming in to argue that whether stuff is "high end" is stupid.
  14. These are definitely high end when it comes to dry pieces. Think of these as the scientific bongs of the dry piece world, not amazing artwork but really functional, whereas a crazy artistic spoon would be like a heady bong, looks pretty but isn't as functional as scientific.
  15. also have the m420. im glad im not the only one that attaches it to my bong!
    i love it cuz i snowboard, offroad, & hike a lot n its a great piece for such things
    never have to worry bout something happening to it
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    The incerdibowl is kinda "high-end" (whatever the fuck that means to OP) and i love the "technology" that jack pipe has its "MIND BLOWNG".:laughing::laughing:
  17. Helix is cool but I wouldn't want to leave the house with it or toss it around like the incredibowl or jack pipe. Definitely fits in the same category of expensive gimmick pipes though.

    I would break that thing in about 5 minutes.
  18. Both are very good pipes. Hope this isn't too late, but I've owned several of the pipes described above. Here's my opinion;

    I've owned a Jack for 5 years and it is by far my favorite piece. It's great for both personal and group smoke. Can load half a gram and take a hit here and there (smother by closing lid) or let roll for a pow-wow (stays cherried almost the entire bowl). With it being wood, the only cleaning you need to do is with pipe cleaners (found at any head shop). I take this pipe everywhere as it wont break if dropped or fallen on (in the mountains, etc..) Very smooth hitting and to finalize: When I've got buds over looking to toke (we've all got our pipes, water toys, etc...) almost every time we choose to pack up a jack and pass it around. PLUS, if your looking for that super stone: It says to layer the bowl (and you do need to pack it HARD) I like to place keef or hash between a couple of the layers; it slows the burn and adds a kick.

    Hopefully this helps man. :wave:
  19. I've had the Jack a long while now, it's a good pipe. It takes awhile to prep a bowl right, but once you do it smokes smooth and excellent. I wish they were easier to clean though.

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