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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Rocky Mountain grow, May 28, 2013.

  1. Good morning everyone.
    Obviously I am new to the forum, but I am hoping some of you will still be willing to take a second and give me a little advice.
    I have an AK-47/Mango Kush plant in a 5 gallon bucket that was started back in early April. I have an unheated outdoor greenhouse that I put the plant in during the day, but we have had an unusually cold spring this year so I am still bringing it in at night.
    The problem I am having is that the plant has already went into flowering, but I am hoping since the days are still getting longer that it will go back to veg. I have been feeding it daily with House-Garden veg nutrients: http://www.house-garden.us/products/additives/ but it seems to still want to bud.
    Here are a couple pics:
    I know AK-47 is an early flowering strain, so I guess I need to know if I should give it a little longer with the veg nutrients and see if it switches back, or just start hitting it with Bud XL?

  2. Oh yeah. Might also be worth mentioning I am at 8050' above sea level and the early morning temps have still been dropping to around 33-34 degrees.
  3. Wow it flowered in 1 month? Amazing.
  4. It has actually been about 45-50 days and it was started from a nice size clone, not seed. Do you think it will go back to veg since it's still such a young plant?
  5. Maybe. I have never grown above 600 feet. That Rocky mountain air must do something to the plants. Good luck to you!
  6. seems to be a problem this year. see the flowering in late may? thread. looks like still in preflower. everyone seems to think they will go back into veg. yours look really similiar to mine. i gave mine veg nutes and have been watching them. i have two gardens both cali. at 38 latitude 2500 ft and 4500 ft. i'm crossing fingers and riding it out. and thinking about getting a few clowns going to replace the one i have that a preflowering just in case. good luck with 'em.
  7. Thanks. That's what I was thinking too. Get a couple clones going, just in case. I'm afraid if it doesn't go back to veg and I don't hit it with Bud XL and Top Booster it will end up stringy and loose. I appreciate the responses.
    I will check out the flowering in late May thread. I did a little looking with the search function before posting, but didn't have all day to go through old threads.

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