High driving!

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  1. High driving

    Just got absolutely blazedddddd at my mates house, i had numerous bong hits then rode home on my moped
    (aprillia SR 125)
    It was what can only be described as exhilarating!
    i was so high i forgot to put my helmet on but it is up there with one of the funnest experiences of my life.
    i felt like i was flying, does anybody else do this?


  2. Im stoned all day and drive for work. So yes. Without it I am way to aggressive behind the wheel. Reaction times? Well I drive some harry roads with crazy assholes and no accidents yet.
  3. I'm not sure what to think of the moped crowd yet.

    I can tell you this, everyone I've saw mobbin one looked total fag.

    Gitter done though, you'd say the same about me hauling ass down a hill on a high geared lawn mower.
  4. The person on a bike thinks the one walking is gay. The person on the moped thinks the one on the bike is gay. The person in a car thinks the one on the moped is gay. The person in a truck thinks the one in the car is gay. The person in a big rig thinks the one in the truck is gay............. Ya, well my dick is bigger than all the others. The truth is we are jealous and want to be the one on the moped.

    If it gets you to your destination who cares. Not to mention anything on two wheels is fun, cheaper........
  5. [​IMG]

    I've spent hours upon hours riding one of these around town high. I must have burned so many calories because of weed + bicycle.
  6. You must of wasted to much THC smoking then burning it straight away riding a bike lol. You sound like one of my friends. He is always stingy with his weed because he "needs" it for work, so he saves all this weed smokes it at work and burns the THC right away when he works then comes home and complains about not having any weed :confused:
  7. that's fuckin awesome dude I have a 1979 vespa 180 and I ride it high all the time and it is the funnest shit on the planet

  8. One of my jobs I work for media nation Anne we ride these bikes just like these except they have trailers with signs on the back, and we always smoke up before work and I love it

  9. I think sitting at home doing nothing is a bigger waste of weed. And besides, I've got pleeenty. :D
  10. lol i always forget to put my seatbelt on when im high. When i remember, im just like fuck it that shit is uncomfortable.
  11. damn cycling high is the shit, feels like youre a river flowing through a creek and you jsut "bend" around the obstacles on the street. and yeh man, biking high is fun as shit, and i dont mean to be the party pooper, and im not saying youre irresponsible, but be careful. i know weed aint like alcohol, but better safe than sorry.

  12. i got a 1996 tomos sprint 50 cc and i drive it high. it doesnt go much more than 32 ish though.

  13. That's about the perfect stoner speed, my vespa will do 55 and that is some scary shit, those little 10 inch wheels start wandering all over the place

  14. Don't be silly man. If your doing an intense biking sport (mountain biking, bmxing - to an extent) then yes your going to lose your high more quickly as your in the zone and your bodies trying to function at the max. But if you've smoked up and your just cruising around the city (especially Amsterdam or the Netherlands in general in Johnny Cash's case as it's sooooo damn flat) pretty much no THC is getting wasted it just feels so smooth and relaxing lol. :p

    Save the planet, ride a bike.

  15. Plus there's bicycle lanes everywhere so I don't have to worry about getting hit by a car... it's an awesome activity.

  16. No, you just need to worry about mowing down stoned pedestrians. :p
  17. Ha especially tourists if you're in Amsterdam, they're not used to all the bicycles and bicycle lanes.

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