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high dreams.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wanmower, May 17, 2010.

  1. ahh i fucking love dreaming after a nice session.
    i had the strangest dream ever last night.

    i just felt like sharing it.ha.
    share urs too!

    had a dream that robin williams redesigned the china beach (a beach in san francisco) parking lot so that the only spot is reserved for his car so that no one will want to go there and he will be able to use his new speedboat without hurting any swimmers. i yelled at him and was given a part in his new movie as his estranged daughter. he then hit on my little brother so we all moved to australia. w. t. f...
  2. Hahahaha hell yeah for weird ass dreams. Dreaming is getting high in itself man.
  3. I never dream while high :(
  4. I never dream when I go to sleep high on bud, but if I'm on opiates I have crazy vivid dreams.
  5. I never dream when I'm high. I wish I did. Those would be some great dreams.
  6. I have the craziest dreams while high! always to hard to remember though.
    one was playing dodge ball against warewolfs at a rave haha
  7. I don't have weed dreams. The moment I pass out after toking a shitload, I'm in darkness for the next 9 hours,hahaha.
  8. Haha, nice dream! I USED to get very vivid and crazy dreams back when my tolerance was incredibly low, but I never get dreams anymore ever since I started heavily smoking.
  9. nah dog every body dream just when u high u forget it fast as fuck an it seems like u dont, but yeah it do suck, take a break for like a couple days you'll have crazy ass dreams, at least i do
    btw i dont mean to be condescending or nothing
  10. I always dream!

    during my last t break I would have dreams about pot all the time....

    I would dream that I had some but had nothing to smoke it from....or dream that I was going different places to try and find some...

    Sometimes I would just feel the sac in my pocket.
  11. Heres one of my dreams when i was baked but came to me later in the day.

    i was a full glass of milk up in my room and i was scared to go down the stairs because i thought i would spill. the end
  12. everytime I have a "high dream", I wake up and tell was just a dream...I wake up feelin like something awful and crazy really happened or is happening
  13. I've had some weird dreams while high haha.

    Just last night I had some dream where somebody kidnapped me and put me into prostitution in hawaii and then 3 young chinamen saved me but right when they shot the guy who grabbed me he took his gun and tried to headshot me then i put my hand out and took 4 bullets to the hand and it didn't even go through. then he shot me in the shin. I "woke up" in my dream and told my mom and showed her the bullet mark and I was going crazy. Then I really woke up and I thought it actually happened. I might be going insane, rofl. Idk

    Oh, I forget to mention I'm a guy but in my dream I was a girl, then when I fake woke up I was a guy again. and I really woke up and I'm still a guy.
  14. last night i hit my friends two foot triple before taking a nap... i dreamed i was a velociraptor, and i was still tokin the bong in the dream...

    dinosaurs + bongs = ultimate godliness.
  15. #15 Barnaby Jones, May 18, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 18, 2010
    the DMT that your brain produces when you sleep is far more stronger than weed will ever be. in fact DMT is more phychedelic than LSD.

    im sure youve herd that we all have a few dreams a night, and you think "i never really have dreams." you do but you dont really remember them. this is because the DMT that causes dreaming is released a a low dose. only when in deep deep rem sleep do you recieve more, thus trip more, thus remember more. and probroally had a good sleep

    cool thing bout it is that when u die your brain floods your brain with this shit, so dying is like trying a big hoot off DMT. people who have smoked DMT commonly claim to see one bright white tunnel, if they take a large dose. which is cool because youve all heard about the bright light at the end of the tunnel that you see befor you die, people believe this is the gate to heaven, but its the DMT thats fucking your brain. Sweet right?

    but i believe that under the influence of weed it helps you to better remember these dreams

    im rambling

    +rep if you found interesting

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