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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by alk3girl89, May 25, 2009.

  1. so i've been wanting a sugar skull tat but i've also been wanting a tat that i drew myself.
    sugar skulls
    so i drew myself one, high, and this is my product.
    i'm not 100% on the flower that's in the ear area.
    and i can't figure out what color to use as the facial background color.
    i'd appreciate you suggestions :smoke:
  2. i love it! so colourfull :smoking:
  3. Nice, everything looks really cool and colorful. Maybe put a bit more dimensions on the skull so it doesn't look so 2D, y'know? Like add some cheekbones or something. Unless you like it the way it is, which is great.
  4. you just made my day.
    i never thought of green.:smoke:
  5. Supposed to resemble The grateful dead skull?

    Looks good, google some images, makes some improvements, add more color\shade\texture.
  6. I have a shirt that has a skull on it that looks almost exactly like that. I like it.
  7. it's supposed to be a sugar skull.
    kinda like these things
  8. for the background skull color, id say a lighter color then pewter.

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