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Insomnia high CBD vs low CBD best for sleep?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by trickroller, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. Has anyone had enough experience using marijuana for insomnia that they can let me know if high CBD strains are better for sleep than low CBD Strains? Anyone have extensive experience with The Charlotte's Web strain for example? I'm having problems sleeping. Marijuana used to do the job before if ever I had problems sleeping. Now not so much. I was just wondering. I tried getting exercise but that hasn't helped much. I did some yoga last nite and it helped so I'm trying it again. Any suggestions anyone?!

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  2. For myself, and a every one of a handful of friends that I've given them to, high cbd strains produce far worse sleep than low cbd strains. If I use a high cbd strain, I can't sleep well. For many of us, thc is the sleepy stuff, and cbd harms sleep by comparison.
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  3. some of the high CBD strains are sativa dominant hybrids that may keep you awake with a head buzz and many thoughts. I've found a strong Indica strain (nearly pure indica, not the 50/50ish hybrids) is great for sleeping, like Gorilla Glue #4
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  4. I have tried plain cbd and a high cbd strain, and both harmed my sleep. I can sleep with most sativas. I'm certain it's the cbd that harms my sleep.
  5. Get Indica dominant high cbd strains. Probably at least a 80:20 mix or if you are down for it try this Cloud N9ne cbd "lean" I have heard good reviews for helping knock you out. Its fully legal but quite expensive I believe. Hopefully i do not get in trouble for promoting...

  6. Just smoke a bong/joint an hour before you plan to sleep, I usually smoke then watch family guy/south park then after a few episodes I'm tired lol
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  7. Thanks everyone. Everybody seems to be saying the same thing. I was about to go in search of high cbd strains...but not anymore ...

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  8. get the strongest indica you can find, smoke a joint of that and play a game trying to keep ur eyelids up!
  9. nope didn't work for me, Found out it was CBN I was looking for seldom is tested CBN is found on ripe buds which unless you grow you may never see takes a few weeks past peak thc ..

    the highest around here I noticed was only 3% but seldom is tested this was Hindu Kush.

    If you check leafly it will show the ones the causes sleep, However the effects only applies if it is on the riper side with amber trics, without those effects wont be there.
  10. South Park, Family Guy, American Dad promote sleep in me much, much more than cbd or cbn.
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  11. Thanks very much man. Useful

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  12. old cannabis too that has sat for a long time will have converted to cbn... you can convert just regular cannabis over to cbn but it destroys some medical properties in doing so

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