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High CBD strains

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by Kelsey Grammer, May 4, 2013.

  1. I have a few questions here. First off, what are some good CBD strains which are low in THC? Can you also link a supplier which can deliver to Ireland?

    Secondly, do high CBD strains get you high? I'm not experienced in this sort of thing at all so forgive my ignorance.

    Thirdly, I hear that hemp seeds have to be low in THC due to regulations in the EU and as a result have a much higher CBD:THC ratio. Would this mean I could grow from
    Suma Organic Hemp Seeds 1 kg: Amazon.co.uk: Grocery
    and get something like 0.1% THC and 1% CBD? I've heard there are strains like this but I don't know where to buy them :( And if I manage to get cannabis out of growing from these hemp seeds AND if it's only 1% CBD would this mean I'd have to smoke about 5x the amount of cannabis as with strains which contain 5% THC and 5% CBD?

    Finally, I think I read a forum from 2011 (maybe when these CBD strains were relatively new at the time) saying that you can't count on the seeds turning out right and it might turn out high THC and low CBD. This would be bad for my condition so is there any way to be sure? Like buying from a certain supplier or is there some way I can test for CBD by myself?

    Thanks for reading and try to be patient with me if I said something completely ridiculous :D
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    Loved you in Cheers. Maybe you can set me up on a date with Woody Harrelson? I'll bring the weed :D

    Try some Moham Ram from Sweet Seeds. I find it to be a very heavy Indy. Easy to grow. Heavy yeild. Fast flowering.

  3. That pussy?

    You sure you're not needing a bit of Kelsey-loving?

    Not exactly as low in THC or high in CBD as I'm in need of but thanks for the response!
  4. You don't go by the listed number, you go by experience.

    Most of what your plant gives you is altered by treatment, time on flowering, oxygen exposure and degradation. The MR has a lot of CBD when harvested when really ripe, hung for 2 weeks whole, and cured well. I can feel it. It's listed as a 1.something, but it feels like about 4-6 in actual use.

    I harvest when it's amber all over, thus most of the THC is degrading into CBD and CBN anyway, but really, this plant is one I cannot garden on, it makes my eyes cross immediately. Clean high, no confusion, massive relaxation. That's what you wanted, no?

    I'd spectrograph some of my bud, but smuggling it into my hospital's lab like last time was sketchy.

    Don't read too far into what the company's post, most are full of shit.

  5. I've heard some say that THC degrading into CBD isn't actually true and that it only degrades into CBN. Not really sure who's correct on this one. Still, as long as it's getting rid of THC it will be useful for me.
  6. Pretty sure you will find Northern Lights relaxing too, it's on my 'not too late into the night list', because it stops me from being able to stand if I smoke it less than 5 hours before. Has killer hangover to the body, like a kick to the head and being stuck in syrup.

    Don't laugh, since you are going by company's and company claims, but Nirvana Papaya is some of the most sedating weed I grow too. Very 'marshmellow' right up front, then relaxation and warmth, then very narcotic, couch lock, shuts the body down with strength and is a wonderful plant to grow. Have no idea what the CB part is, but it's known for it's narcoticization.
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  8. Higher percentage indicates equals more like mango, blueberry, northern lights, afghani #1, most kush flavors. All of these are available from the banks bra
  9. If you are looking for High CBD (4% or higher according to Projectcbd.org) try the CBD Crew. They haven't released alot of info on what their genetics are, but they have said that it is the culmination of Mr Nice seeds and Resin seeds Project Z. I have had 3 different pheno's of the CBD Crew Critical Mass and I am fairly confident that they are Cannatonic Hybrids. They did however throw out male flowers at the end of month 2, My caregiver had to pull them, they looked like they needed another month or so IMO, but they are very medicinal, and the previous generation of clones didn't hermie until month 4 after being taken into flower. the seed plants did not hermie.
    If you choose to grow them they are fantabulous wonderful medicine if you need CBD, but grow them after you have some experience, otherwise try their Sweet and Sour Widow, it is the only non feminized variety they currently offer. The Nordle is supposed to be more hermie resistant as well.

    this is my source for the S&S widow and the nordle being less hermie prone, there are also a few review from his patient's thoughts on the High CBD/ 1:1 ratio medicine.
    Reggae Seeds Dub, DanceHall, and Juanita the Tearful all are supposed to have very high CBD, and I can confirm that Dub is exceedingly medicinal, with the pheno I smoked having potentially 1:2 THC/CBD.

    CBD does not always make you sleepy guys! Cannatonic X was tested at Iron Labs with 21% cbd and 1% thc. the only thing it doesn't do is get you high and deal with depression, BUT it dropped my anxiety level to almost nothing, relieved all of my back pain, and the inflammation decreased. The 1st couple goes of the CBD crew critical mass were for the most part caffeine like in their cerebral effect, with inflammation reduction, pain relief, anxiety relief, good happy feels, and a variety of fruity, fuely, skunky smells.

    Also I mentioned projectcbd.org earlier, it Is a good place to start reasearching CBD, the forums here have tons of links to studies.
    More information on CBD Crew grow journals can be found on the MNS forums, in the Strain base, under the CBD-Crew tab about halfway down the page. Project Z is the link above it.

  10. is it the "feminized" seeds that are throwing out hermies?.....the link/ strains in my comment above are indeed CBD crew. Have you had any experience with "SHARK" also a CBD crew strain 1:1 ratio.....This is all very confusing to me.....When I was a teen and was smoking for rec. the best anyone ever had was Panama Red and Acapulco Gold....Occaisional Columbian or regular low test Mexican.....Now w/ 9 spine surgeries and 2 knee surgeries under my belt, I'm looking to legitimately medicate and the number of strains are OVERWHELMING!!!:confused:
  11. I only have experience with the CBD Crew critical mass. the CBD crew strains vary from 2:1 to 1:2 thc:cbd ratio, and percentage can vary from 1% to 10% for either, sometimes higher. I have been reading those journals like a Fiend. So far the extent of the Critical Mass hermies seem to be at about the same rate as the standard Critical Mass from Mr Nice has. In Stargazer's journal the Feminized Nordle did not hermie.
    Hoban you should also consider trying High THC indica's like Northern lights, Afghan, Hash Plant, G13, and Indica leaning Kush/Skunk hybrids they can do a decent job making due until you have an abundance of High CBD medication. Don't be intimidated by the variety, look at what resin seeds or Mr Nice seeds equivalent plant is on their site, read grow journals and reviews, and don't forget to read the information on cannatonic and the "Z" series to have a better idea of what you want.
  12. What Are High CBD Marijuana Strains? | Potfessor.com

    CBD is nonpsychoactive (no high), but it induces a feeling of calm. The lack of CBD in most modern smoking cannabis is why so many beginners have panic attacks! If our pot still had a fair amount of CBD, those panic attacks just wouldn't happen. CBD has even been used as an anti-anxiety med! :D

    Neural basis of anxiolytic effects of cannabidiol (CBD) in generalized social anxiety disorder: a preliminary report. (abst - 2010) Neural basis of anxiolytic effects of cann... [J Psychopharmacol. 2011] - PubMed - NCBI

    Granny :wave:
  13. Other indicas I can remember are cheese and most purples like GDP, purple urkle, black betty, BlackBerry kush n such but the ones on the list are 100% indica and have seed bank listings next to every kind
  14. thank you sourgrape and all for the kind information! I have very limited physical capacity and mental concentration due to other meds to control thepain from nerve damage...any and all help to get to the finish line is a greatly appreciated help!
  15. Bomb Seeds Medi Bomb #1, is a real heavy hitting indica with lower levels of THC than some of their other strains,  but as SkunkPatronus has already said they way you grow it and especially finish it will make all the difference.
  16. @[member="Storm Crow"]  :bongin: the expert is in the thread! Your welcome Hoban! 
    Don't forget Indica x Ruderalis crosses! they should be really good for the beginner who needs more CBD in their medication, The only downside I could see is the need to breed the 1st generation for massive amounts of seed, or buying more seeds every grow.
    Also Sativa's can have High CBD, it is just exceedingly rare, like a Polar bear, or Morgan Freeman.
    IMO purple traits and High CBD are cousins at best, but the most flavorful High CBD meds I have had, had slight purple hues through the buds.
  17. This is exactly why I want to grow some shark shock (CBD shark by CBD crew). Its very high cbd to thc ratio will help me conclusively decide what aspect of the high CBD contributes. People still seem a little unsure. People say there is no euphoria in the CBD but others note is amazing muscle relaxation, so I just want to know for myself.

    If anyone grows shark shock please let me know! It got dropped off my list of seeds this time around because it was a curiosity, not worth the risk at the moment of growing bud that isn't enjoyable to smoke.
  18. kesley, buy northern lights that was never harvested for thc but the cbd. do this and you will not revieve the mind high but the bodily high. ask an experienced grow and he'll give it to you.

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