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High CBD strains in seattle/WA....discuss?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by KinkySwitch, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. When I got my Rx, my doctor gave me this list of high CBD strains, strains that would be most beneficial to managing my pain and inflammation:

    Sour Tsunami
    Omrita Rx3
    Jamaican Lion
    Juanita la Lagrimosa
    Good Medicine
    TB x OGK
    OG Afghani
    Jamaican Skunk
    Downtown Diesel
    Cottan Candy X Diesel
    Sugaree X Blue Diesel
    Bubblegum Kush
    Intensive Care OG Kush
    Soma A+
    Stinky Purple
    Poison OG
    Granny Durkel
    Phenom Phen
    Silver Dragon
    Monkey Balls
    F5 Manawell
    Sweet SF x OG
    Black Queen

    There is also a really good one called Moby Dick,

    Names in Bold are ones I would be really interested in buying from a local dispensary and trying.

    I cannot find these locally here in Seattle it seems from searching online and asking some people I know.
    Does anyone have any experience with these strains, or have found them in dispensaries?

    My doctor said that the high CBD strains go fast and most people focus on growing the high THC strains instead...

    another friend state that "it's a joke at how they run the Medical Marijuana system around here."

    I don't like being presented with something that has .23%CBD and 15.99.%THC (from places like Fweedom Collective that test their product, good place, btw)
  2. Marijuana Strain Reviews and Dispensary Finder - Leafly

    Have you used this site? It locates dispensaries and you can browse which place has what you're looking for. Although I'm not in Seattle, so I can't tell you how up to date this info is.

    You can also browse other strains that are good for pain. Be sure to read the reviews.

    Also, I know that you can buy Mody Dick seeds online. You could look into growing a plant. Although they're pretty big, you can stunt their height by topping.
  3. I cannot grow where I live. I've like to find a place to move to where I can so I can grow a few strains that I really like, that really help so far.
  4. Delta 9 co-op in Seattle tests all of their strains. Right now they have one called gravity that tested at 9% CBD :D. They have an updated menu on Facebook and weedmaps. I really like the fact I know what I am getting in terms of THC, CBD, CBN, and CBG content. I find that this co-op has a great selection of high CBD strains and they are very knowledgeable, patient focused and professional.
  5. Urban roots in the university district. 100% organic and they test their meds. Awesome place, I highly recommend it.
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    Go to Greenworks Northwest on Lake City Way. They have the best weed by far...best hash, too. Check out their new batch of Dutch Treat....whoa!

    Most of the U-district places are a joke...although I haven't been to Urban Roots yet.

    Fweedom is a very, VERY good dispensary.

    THC Care Provider in Ballard has a couple Sativas that are like nothing else I've ever seen.

    Delta 9 Co-op is okay...nice lounge and cute girl, but the weed is underwhelming.

    There's a dispensary down on 15th NW and Dravus I want to try. They apparently have some Malawi and also some landrace Colombian Sativa.

    If you want a high CBD strain, I think Fweedom has one they just got in called "Monkey Paw"
  7. Leafy is a good site. I downloaded their app and it tells you the names of the stains, what they're used for medically and how much THC and CBD in each stain.
  8. I work with Tora Bora strain. I don't know my CBD levels but there are reports up to 14%cbd in some testings
  9. [quote name='"tstick"']

    Most of the U-district places are a joke...although I haven't been to Urban Roots yet.[/quote]

    Yeah pretty much all the u district places are terrible, except urban roots. All strains are 10/g and all are fire. Their oil is also some of the best.
  10. Canna Pi in Georgetown all 10g topshelf, had a few pretty high CBD strains from them before, their stuff is really good, nice colors/trich/calyx-leaf ratio

    also use weedmaps to find your strains/dispensaries in the seattle area, pretty much more up to date than some other dispensary finders
  11. For me, Greenworks has the best weed, hash and oil, overall. Right now, the Dutch Treat is KILLER! -maybe the best-looking weed in the city! And they have the REAL Grape Ape and it's grown to full-term. Man, what a purple flavor it has. It's a very high CBD strain, as well.
  12. I will need to go become a member of some of these dispensaries.

    What about some of the strains my doctor gave me a list of? Do any places around here carry them? I really want to try Silver Dragon, 'cause I like dragons.

    I heard of Canna pi. I really want to go there.

    I'd also really love to meet and hang out with other Pudget Sound patients. I hate medicating alone sometimes, and I want to get more involved in Medicinal Cannabis activism, community and growing and treatment. I really, really do...

    It's so fascinating!
  13. out of your list the only strains i have seen are Harlequin and Kushage, iv had kushage at Canna Pi (forgot where had harlequin) and the kushage was very nice, think it was a sour kush x sage

    edit: seen bubblegum kush on the list too, thats easy to find anywhere though
  14. I will definately have to make the trip down to Canna Pi. It's kind of far from Ballard by bus, and I've never been to George town before, but maybe I'll go down there today? Don't they open up at 10am? lol....I don't seem to be sleeping
  15. You can walk to THC Care Provider. It's on Tallman right across from Swedish Hospital and they have both the Sugar Cane and The Pink Panther in stock right now. They are probably the easiest, lowest-key place with two of the best, most unique Sativas in town. The Sugar Cane smells like peanut butter and the Pink Panther smells like grapefruit and black licorice. $40 per 8th is what they charge.
  16. Ick Sativas.

    Gross, Black Licorice!! I'll have to apss on the Pink Panther =( my dude will DEFINATELY not like the smell of that bud and I will probably HATE that taste!!!

    Yeah I've seen THC Care provider and I was wanting to go become a member of them and try some of their stuff at some point.

    I feel like a dispensary whore, wanting to try everyone out lol
  17. Well, maybe you're reacting to some disagreeable terpenes in certain strains. If you find a smell/taste that you like, then you may find that helps you feel better when you smoke. See, personally, I love black licorice...and grapefruit...and berries and chocolate and coffee...and I have been able to find strains that have these flavors. Even before I smoke them, I smell them and it sets the stage for a wonderful experience. But I don't like the smell of diesel fuel. If I smoke a "diesel" strain, then it makes me feel kind of sick.

    Chernobyl tastes like pine trees and limes -STRONG pine trees and limes. It's unmistakeable. It's my favorite strain and I will be smoking some this evening around dusk.
  18. I won't touch the Diesal strains. I smelled the Sour and the Red Diesal strains at Fremont Gardens. I couldn't handle it.
    But Purple Flow, Grand Daddy Kush, Purple Urkle.. (see a trend here.. purples..) I love the smell of those. Blue Dream is pretty tasty, too.

    I get somewhat of a stomach ache or feel kind of 'sick' when I smoke some weeds, even if they taste good. so far purple Flow and sometimes Blue Dream are the only ones that if I smoke them, they taste so great. I'm craving Purple Flow right now because of how great it tasted, and I really wanted to just get up and float awaaaaay after I burned down a quarter of the joint, which is all I had.
    I felt so good. The mood uplift and pain killer effects of that were amazing.

    what's a terpene? I should know this...but i don't.
  19. You really should check out Greenworks Northwest and their cut of Grape Ape. Now THAT'S a purple that tastes fantastic AND is covered with trichomes and VERY high CBD levels. Usually THC is lower if the CBD is level is higher. But a good cut of Grape Ape is high in THC and CBD....AND has the sweet purple flavor. Be warned, though...Greenworks is not an inexpensive place and they rarely have any specials. It's just a straight-forward, no-frills place where they put their focus on stocking ridiculously-dank buds. They don't have the fancy lounge or the cute chicks pimping the crap strains for tips. They have the potent weed and a wide variety of hash and BHO (kind of their specialty, I think).

    You might check out THC Care Provider's Sugar Cane Sativa -it's not typical at all. It's really different. You'll understand why it's called "Sugar Cane" when you see it. It's covered with trichomes that literally fall off like sugar. And THC Care Provider is more reasonably priced. Their top-shelf (including the Sugar Cane strain) is $13 per g....but they run weekly specials on many of the other strains. They also have many kush strains...but I was not impressed with most of the other stuff.

    The two, most-potent strains in town (that I know about, currently) are the Dutch Hawaiian at The Joint Co-op in the U-District and the Dutch Treat from Greenworks on Lake City Way. Good Lord! That Dutch Treat is just ridiculous!!!

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