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High before Sports?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AsianPotHead, May 27, 2010.

  1. i played a baseball game ripped as shit 2 weeks ago and went 0 for 4 and looked like a retard batting in the 4 was pissed cause he knows i blaze but doesnt want it to effect me during the game
  2. I train MMA and I wouldnt even consider smoking before a training session. Weed burns me the fuck up and makes me too passive when I need to be aggressive.

    Weed will lower your performance in any sport you probably wont realize it because your stoned.
  3. Johnny Boy will watch his fucking mouth from now on.
  4. Never have my head down :). Where you from?
  5. tennis is fun as hell when I'm stoned. just takes me a couple extra minutes to warm up.

    and bball. i make it rain from 3 when i'm stoned. people don't understand why i'm suddenly hitting every shot
  6. usually I would agree, but not when I'm in the zone. 9 times out of 10 it'll hurt me, but that 1 other time.......

  7. footballs the shit stoned. usually i get outta breath (asthma) but when im stoned i just dont give a fuck im gonna keep goin and SMASH THE SHIT outta someone, and not hurt as bad from the hit either

  8. Wish i had the same experience, football for me was impossible stoned -
    " Game time, they're not getting a first down all day...shit...what coverage are we in?...damn im horny...i'm definitely gonna wreck that water girl, holy shit they hiked the ball what the fuck do i do!?"

    tried a solid 3 times and all 3 i fucked up CONSTANTLY
  9. practice makes perfect lol, it slows down my thinking and i played on the DL so i could just focus on my gap and the ballcarrier

    it really does depend on the person tho
  10. One time my friend ate three pot cookies before a presession soccer game thinking he wasnt going to play because he only came to a few practices. Anyways you could tell he was pretty gone because he was just spacing out watching airplanes and red eyed, and out of nowhere a kid on our team gets yellow carded and taken out of the game and our coach calls him in. This was hands down the most terrified look i have every seen on his face as he ran around for 3 minutes completely lost before our coach subbed him out.

    Sorry for the long story im :hippie:
  11. For me, in high school, it depended on the sport.

    Track: Blazed
    Cross-Country: Blazed
    Football: Sober
    Basketball: Sober

    In track, I made it to regionals running the 1600(mile). I was high in every race. :)

    So I guess for me, I can be high for sports that require me to do one thing(run). anything else gives me a headache.
  12. alright i dont wanna scare anyone, this was probably a unique situation, but the only time i ever got injured in football was when i was high. i was coming down from my high tho and it was during a game, i tackled some kid and brought him down onto the inside of my knee. that was back in october, my knee has been fucked ever since. i just recently went for an MRI and i have a torn ACL and meniscus.... i have to get surgery (recovery time is 4 months) before i go off to college....

    MY ADVICE - if you're doing a contact sport, stay sober and protect yourself. ive had alot of problems over this nonsense and luckily the schools insurance is paying for the whole thing.. smoking can always wait till after.
  13. several years ago I was deep into motocross.
    I lived on my dirtbike.
    I would occasionally smoke on my way to the practice track.
    while my concentration and timing were razor sharp I found I fatigued much faster.
    I could click off faster lap times baked but I couldnt do it as for as long as I could straight.

    as far as weed as a performance enhancer, I would think it has a lot to do with the person and the sport they were participating in.

    my belief is along the lines of OldSchool, I think as a whole it would hurt you not help you performance wise.

    I can bone like a champ while baked though so, I dunno :smoking:
  14. hahaha same here man, mostly just sit and chill and not ride atall
  15. With a strong Sativa I tend to get shit done easier, no matter what it is. With a strong Indica, I would rather sit on my ass and watch other people do it. :p
  16. yooo i ride too! and what you just said exactly is the same for me

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