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High before church

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by vader54, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. so i just got high and im about to leave for church (if you respond to this post to dish on religion im just gonna ignore you because it's not something im gonna argue about with anyone and everyone has their own opinion) and ive never gone high before, we'll see how it goes hahaha :smoke:
  2. A friend of mine has done that too, and he is catholic, he said it was funny shit.

  3. Like a circus in there
  4. have u ever been to church?

    have u ever been to church... on weed?
  5. Religion is ghey.
  6. lol id have to be really high to enjoy the music

  7. Half baked?
  8. It's kind of sketchy going to church, IMO. If people find out, they'll be like, "He's going to hell for smoking that evil plant called pot." I've came to my senses and realized God made it for our good. I don't think they have. No hate btw

  9. Don't get bothered by those judging bro. God said every seed bearing plant is here to help us. Intill jesus tells me himself, Marijuana is included in that.
  10. no i totally agree, it even says in the bible he gave us all the seed bearing plants to use and that includes marijuana hahaha
  11. haha i just realized what i posted had already been said. oh update, it was alright haha i just kinda zoned out and it was over pretty fast it seems like lol
  12. How'd it go OP?! I'd be super pumped to go to church high at first, then I'd be all like, "oh no... WHAT IF THEY KNOW?!?!?!?!?!?!" And then sink in to my seat and enjoy getting blasted by words from the preacher and try to deeper interpret his message.
  13. If you go high,you might actually pay attention to the preacher and find it more intresting then when your not high.

    If your like me you'll find things alot more intresting when your high,it might even make alot more sence when your high.I truely believe in my heart god meant us to be high and learn about his sons life.I believe marijuanna is used to see through people's lies and propaganda.

    If people judge you,it's only because they dont know any better.up too you whether you want to educate them or not.. although jesus did say make fishers out of everyone.

    I keep coming back to this as my justification.

    God made the world in 6 days,Saw that is was Good! Said it was Good! then on the seventh day he rested.what do you do on your day off? = ) god made the world, he made the plants,HE SAID IT WAS GOOD.So I just asume he included the particular plant in that aswell.
  14. Jesus disowned you.
  15. I'm sort of jaded on my beliefs. I used to be high every Wednesday before Confirmation (i WAS a Catholic, so I was about 15)

    it was real stupid. all I did was question the bitch lady teacher with 14 kids and blindness to her own religion.

    on a final trip before being confirmed, the dude (who was a reformed EXTREME alcoholic) caught me and ended up just crumbling it and walking with me around the town until 1 am. He'd kick it with me and we'd talk music.

    so one "holier-than-thou" snagglepuss lady teacher, and one fucking cool-ass down to earth human being.
    idk where i'm going with that haha,

    Bottom Line: it's cool to smoke before shit like work, school, church or anywhere else, but it isn't cool to be a stoned jackass whos facedown on a desk sleeping through everything.

  16. so true
  17. been there done that... many many many many times....

    i see nothing wrong with it
  18. church is overtly gay and weed is a testosterone fuelled hetro homaphobe...hence they dont mix... :)
  19. Respect, respect.
  20. It's better going to Church high, rather than not going to Church at all. IMO

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