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high at work?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kashii, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. so my job is pretty simple, im a cashier so sometimes on busy days i will take one hit on lunch just to calm me down a little its usually just that kinda high that last for like 20 mins or so and comes down easy and calms you down.

    today however i was late due to traffic, then my boss got on my ass then the second i clocked in i got fucking mobbed by customers, got my ass chewed by my other boss, got mobbed again, had to go out and push carts cause the usual guy didnt show (normally i dont mind doing this today however it was blistering hot.) then got my ass chewed by a customer... all before lunch

    so when i clocked out for lunch i came home and smoked a bowl, before i didnt think i'd be able to work as well high but it acctually made it a lot easier to do my job and alot easier to put up with my job, i think i may do this on a semi-regular basis.
  2. I wouldn't try getting stoned at work but being a little buzzed doesn't sound that bad :D
  3. well i dont really think at my job its so second nature to me that om usually just in my head anyways just thinking about random shit hardly paying attention to what im doing but i still do a pretty good job.
  4. I've been high a few times at work and didn't enjoy it. I work in accounting so I have to talk to our customers a lot and have to deal with bullshit sometimes.
  5. I Work in an IT department for an insurance company, im blazed all day haha
  6. I could go to work drunk out of my mind. but then again I work at a mom n pop pizza shop :) lol
  7. Sounds like a well thought out plan bro :smoke:
  8. if it doesn't affect your performance then do it. i'm a manager at a restaurant on the weekends and i'm stoned all the time. weed makes work like a game. USE EYEDROPS
  9. I used to wash dishes at a restaurant when I was a kid. Would come to work stoned and pretend I was the Imperial Captain of the U.S.S. Dishwasher. It was fun.
  10. I run a crane at work. If I was high someone would get killed. We had a guy this week drop a 1200 lb. load from 40' up due to a bad strap. No one was hurt but we lost at least $140,000 in product!
  11. I work at a bar/club in town which on weekend is always rammed so i tend to avoid getting baked at work... i dont work my best lol

    However my friend works as a waiter/chef in one of three American Style dinners (Buddies) in my town :D He and the entire staff (chefs included) are constantly getting baked lol I went up there to visit him on break last weekend n two of the chefs came out n sparked a spliff n then 2 waiters came out and both sparked a spliff lol

    Ironically out of the three dinners this one has the best burgers/food in town! the food is fucking amazing! :D
  12. Made me lol so i sigged ;)
  13. OP, where do you work exactly?

    I show up to my supermarket job baked out of my mind sometimes and I find it very hard. I try to make it a game but then I forget stuff people say to me like within 5 seconds and I constantly am in a daze of sorts. Plus stocking shelves....omfg so hard.
  14. blue hell (aka wal-mart)
  15. cant smoke when im at work. i start doin stupid shit like dropping food and shit and my manager is always jockin my dick when im high. he's the kind of dude who dont care if you smoke weed, but at the same time he wants you doin your job.

    i do smoke on my hour break though. thats a must
  16. I'm a manager at mcdonalds and i get baked everyday before work. Makes it much easier to put up with petty bullshit the customers put you through. Like someone said above though, eyedrops are a must!!
  17. Well, I work at one of the major cellphone companies as a sales representative, and I have not skipped a wake and bake before work in over 3 months.
  18. I'm a software developer and I can't concentrate for shit when I'm baked. Probably because I'm still a novice toker but eventually I'll get there lol.
  19. Well, I mean you are at work. Your performance makes the manager look bad if he allows that. As long as your not super baked and doing stupid shit your gold dude.

    As long as it doesn't affect job performance I say its fine to be yoasted as work.
  20. I cant work for shit when im stoned, so I dont ;)

    I just get a nice buzz goin, ha :smoke:

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