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    To those who want to know about smoking during exercise.

    I have experienced working out for 2 years while high at the gym with a background in cross country and track. I'm going to give it to you straight and objective based on the effects I've been having. NOTE: I don't condone marijuana for everyone, I think it depends on the person based on my personal experience.

    1) Muscle growth: My muscle has not been growing much but my strength has increased tremendously. I bench press 220lb now (i used to bench 100 at start) with ten sets of 10 lifts. My tricepts lift 160lb with 10 sets of 20 lifts(started at 40lbs). Biceps 55lb at ten sets of 20 lifts(started at 55, sorry I just dont know how to get stronger here even when I'm not high). You pretty much get that there has been improvement. Also if you must know, I'm not very educated in dieting techniques which factors muscle growth.

    2) Overall Feeling: For me time slows down while being high, so that means for every minute I rest, I feel as if I took a 30 min rest... So actually I take like 10-30 seconds rest per interval because the THC tricks me into thinking I took a 5 min break and should quickly hop back on. There is a tremendously higher tolerance of the burning sensation when high. Funny how weed gets some people tired, but when I work out on it, there is definitely a significant decrease in fatigue. The only time I feel tired is when I lean, lay down, etc resting positions.

    3) Psycological Effects: It fantastically makes going to the gym a habitual routine. Constantly looking forward to hit the gym. One negative although is that after the gym I cant sleep. Two doctors told me its most likely because I go to the gym late at night (1:00 am when there is no waiting in line for the weights) and that exercise before bed tells your body to be alert which is the opposite effect of what I want to do but I still do it. (not worth being in a crowded gym)

    4) Physical Effects: When high I feel my heart rate go faster. Then again I do not have a heart monitor so I do not really know. Sometimes When I lift so much I feel its really beating fast, but keep in mind I'm resting like 10-30 seconds because of the "slow-time" feeling.(Many doctors believe that the human heart's maximum heart rate goes up to 220. my professor, who was a swimmer for the Olympics in Bajin along with many athletes, claimed that she went over 220 bpm plenty of times and was still ok) So basically just keep track of your rest times proportionally with the way you feel. As for you skeptics who say I'm going to blow my heart out, WOW!... Did I mention I had this routine going on for about two years? I took a physical because I caught a ring worm once and was told my heart rate was great (94;because I was an athlete). This was one of the same doctors I asked about working out late at night.

    5) Cons: The bad thing about getting high and going to the gym is getting there. The risk of driving is daunting and not worth a DUI. Costly because weed isnt dirt cheap either. While being high I noticed a significant drop in cardio when high, but no change really when off of it (could be different for everyone; I smoked in-between triathlon workouts and still improved cardio ). To be safe, just stick to anything that involves less than 40 reps. When you hit that zone where you're body is maxed out you will feel a huge sense of fatigue IF laying down, leaning, etc. So make sure you dont slouch or relax too much. Lastly you are always thirsty so always and I mean always bring a bottle of water.

    6) Positives: I've had dramatic changes in my physical tone, athletic ability, and outlook towards the gym. Positive changes in mood towards important matters- possibly because of improvement in health due to exercise, not weed. More energy in my everyday life. I seem to be less stressed out about not thinking too much about the time, dedication, and effort to stay in shape. Also, for me that is, the thought of just not wanting to work out because of the pain, soreness, and agony you go through when lifting so much and tearing of your muscles goes away. Lastly when I work out with music I get really into the beats and flow with it according to my lifting pattern. (maybe i'm just weird)

    7) Personal: For those skeptics who say that weed is bad or it is defective towards your health, or those who claim to have memory loss. I'm not going to lie to you and like this post i'll be objective and straight forward. I'm in college and studying to become a mathematician and hopefully will go back to school to finish off in computer science. I pulled off my 1st year 16 units each semester with 8 A's and one C total (stupid reason I got a C... Prof. didnt tell me I had to get certified even after I continuously asked him over the semester what should I do next and how was I doing, nor did I ever receive a syllabus) My second year, whether you believe it or not, I decided to amp up the units and took 19 units each semester receiving 6 A's my first semester and I am currently in my second semester and just finished midterms. Guess what grades I'm holding up thus far? I believe its no secret there are many people who smoked their whole lifetime and were still ok.

    I'm going to end my personal opinion with this: I personally believe weed is like a tool. It depends on the purpose, how you use it, and how you measure up to its responsibility. Just know what is REAL, because every decision you make you are held accountable for it. For those of you who don't smoke, great for you too I hope staying away from smoking has brought you great glee and joy as much as smoking has done for me, possibly even more.

    Thank you for your time, I hope I shined some light into this subject for those curious about its effects under certain situations.
  2. everyones just to high to read all that
  3. dude working out high is the best and highly delectable.

  4. this lol
  5. [quote name='"rsbot98"']everyones just to high to read all that[/quote]

    This again
  6. [quote name='"rsbot98"']everyones just to high to read all that[/quote]

    Sadly, this is true. However I get your point working out high is awesome lol.
  7. been to gym once while high I think. IT SUCKED! its just really uncomfortable feeling. and weights feel so much more weighter?!
  8. Working out high sucks.

    It throws my motivation to shithole.
  9. ehh I like gettin high after the gym

    only motivation I need to workout wanting to stay in shape... but hell have a nice round ass girl in tight pants bend over in front of you is motavation as well I always find I work harder when theres ladies in the gym guess you could say it gets the blood a flowin haha
  10. Im currently doing the insanity program. Last night I did one of the more intense workouts, showered, and took 2 of the biggest snaps I have ever taken. Smoking after an awesome workout is great. I was so high.
  11. Do you eat while you're working out? :laughing:
  12. Honestly, I try not to smoke before 5 PM or so. I usually blaze for the first time every day once I get back from the gym to help unwind and relax. If I smoke during the day I tend to lose motivation to go the the gym and/or would rather do something I find more "entertaining"
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    Don't speak for other people, not all of us like to shut down when high.

    Good for you, OP. I lost 50 pounds during a semester at college by getting stoned, getting into cooking healthy for myself, and working out every day. I developed PCS and Costochondritis, both were attributed to years of playing hockey. Weed helped a lot with both, especially when I went from smoking to vaporizing. The smoke itself aggravated the costo (inflammation of the lining of the rib cage), so the vapor allows me to get the positive effects of the weed without the smoke aggravating the costo.

    Since starting my new job, I skate an hour and a half a day at an outdoor roller hockey rink with little to no problems. I do this 3-4 times a week. I use weights 3 nights a week and ride the bike every weekday. I find it fun when high; I'll pop in the headphones, set goals for myself and push myself mentally as well as physically. I still have my bad days with PCS, but generally marijuana has helped get me through it.

    Some people are just more motivated when high than others, as evidenced by the first few idiots who can't read more than a paragraph despite you actually contributing to this forum. Weed does a lot more than give you munchies and glue your ass to the couch.
  14. He spoke for me while sober...? :confused:
  15. Dude late night gym works outs baked as fuck is the SHIT. Put your headphones on, scope for the hot chick, and get in the zone. Crowded gyms suck...

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