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High at school.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GrabTheMic, May 6, 2011.

  1. Did anyone get high at school?
    How many days a week?
    What was cool?
    What sucked?
    I'm high school and I'm just curious to see how many other people smoke at school.
  2. Use to be 7 days a week. Then I realized your only high the first to periods and after that your just like.. Bleh... Trapped in the cement prison for like 3 more hours!!

    But amazingly excelled in geometry when baked. So idk.

    The Brosky:smoke:
  3. your in high school?

    doesnt sound like your over 18 then.

    Get back to studying kiddo.
  4. I meant I'm high at school.
    I am in a high school though. I graduate in like 2 weeks so IDGAF
  5. went to highschool baked every day. when i got burnt out during lunch leave smoke in someones car and match someone . go back in refreshed and back in work mode. i know if i didnt get baked and go to school i never would of gone at all lol it wasnt interesting

  6. as long as your 18.

    For me, I didnt start smoking weed still after I graduated college.

    But I am not the kind of person that could have done all of those amazingly fucking hard classes while high.

    Its just not how I work.

    Although I am going for my masters now, and the work load os so much fucking less than when I was an undergrad, I go to class high all the time.

    Its not really that different ::shrugs::

    not like you can really enjoy yourself, you have to keep yourself in check. Make sure you act appropriate .

    If your idea of fun is being high, and acting like your not.

    Then more power to you
  7. I used to get high during my lunch break about everyday. I thought it was fun at first.
    However, I don't think its that much fun anymore. Once you get back to class it gets really boring for me. Plus once you come down you're like ah shit this fuckin sucks haha
  8. Often, was blazed for some of my exams too. Science lessons were great, especially chemistry. I'd just "forget" my kit whenever we had gym, our teachers would just send us round with litter pickers for an hour, which is another perfect opportunity to hop the fence and pack a bowl or two.
  9. I was blowin Phillies in my teachers faces when I was at high school high at school
  10. I have left school to go get stoned. But i have never smoked at the school during hours. A couple of months ago fifteen freshman got snitched on. It's not even worth just wait until afterwards.
  11. it's the internet police everybody run

    btw @ OP, yeah i get high before school usually once a week. I don't do it more, the only good part is the actual wake and baking. Then im not even high by the end of first period anymore

  12. lol wtf is this? cant be 18 and in highschool?
    im 18 for a couple more weeks and im finishing up my freshman year of college

  13. No I don't do it. I find if I actually pay attention in class and use my time wisely, not only do I benefit from my classes, but the time goes faster and end the end, I pass my classes with a lot more ease.

  14. born 1993.
    i have a birthday in march.
    so freshman year i was 15 in march. 16 sophomore year 17 junior and 18 senior.
    more than half the people in my school are that way.

  15. something tells me, you have no idea what IM talking about.

    You can be 18 and in high school.

    You can also be under 18. And as such, this forum has rules for minors.

    I have very little tolerance for children being on this website.
  16. #17 MassManic, May 6, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 6, 2011

    you dont know him, so you dont know how old he is.
    why be the guy who comes in a thread calling 'minor' when you have no idea what the situation is?
    why so mad about children being on this site? ya its against the rules but who gives a fuck? youll never know for sure.
    just make this a place where people can come for KNOWLEDGE about marijuana.

    shit id rather have some 14 year old come on here and lie about their age and learn to be safe while smoking weed, than have them get kicked off and go out smoking weed (like they will anyway) out of dollar bills or aluminum foil pipes.

  17. Errday never failed a class.
  18. Nah, sorry bro.

    Kids have better things to do than concern themselves with doing drugs.

    The underlined part is what warrants my suspicions. Your excellent at proving my points. I dont know who he is, I dont know how old he is.

    I do know hes in high school. 14 15 16 17 18. thats a four in five chance hes underage and shouldn't be here.

    We have rules for a reason. You just dont care.

  19. fine. i see your point and it is sufficient enough to warrant me to stop arguing with you...

    all im saying is try to find some more info before calling minor. no reason to turn a thread to shit for nothing.

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