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High at school

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stupidsmartboy, May 4, 2011.

  1. So I need a little help guys.
    I have a friend who wants to get high, but also wants to do it in school. It will be his first time and he's eating firecrackers (heated thc+peanut butter between two grahams).

    I'm going to be sober to make sure he doesn't spill his shit. Do any of you guys have some advice for me/him?
  2. have fun, dont be retarded

  3. go fucking wild! teachers dont give a fuck...
  4. What a bad plan...
  5. Yeah I know how bad it is.

    But he's intent on doing it so...
    I told him edibles+first time + school = recipe for shit storm but he wont believe me.
  6. I had a friend that did this best day of my life he almost got expelled though... Good Luck
  7. why not instead of an edible... just go blaze during lunch (assuming your in high school)
  8. I've never heard of someone having a Trip Sitter for a firecracker, but I guess if it's his first time ever getting high then it makes sense. Why doesn't he want to smoke for his first time getting high?
  9. #1 rule, if your too high/fucked up in school this is what you do
    Put your head down on the desk and sleep.
    Hard to get caught being high just sleeping.
  10. What a horrible first high is my reaction... I mean talk about the perfect setting for paranoia.
    My advice: don't have your first high at school.
  11. If your not high in school its a bad day.
  12. I just talked him out of eating it at school.

    I don't know why he doesn't want to smoke. I even offered to let him use my vaper, but he still said no.

    Anyway, we're probably doing it this weekend. thanks for your thoughts though.
  13. That's a horrible idea, IMO.
    I predict that either
    A. He will be too paranoid to enjoy the high
    B. He will be too high to give a shit and will end up getting into some sort of trouble

    There is almost no positive in this scenario.
  14. well...that was quick. lol. Did you even try to talk him out of it before? :p
  15. His name's stupidsmartboy. He was probably too stupid to try to convince him before, but them used his smarts to convince him later! :hello:
  16. Yeah I did before but he had the "first time I want to make it big!" mentality.

    After telling him that's the best way to get busted (in multiple ways/times) he finally decided to just wait.
  17. Trust me you're a good friend for this move bro. He'll appreciate it once he tries his first firecracker and realized how much you saved him lol
  18. What a terrible idea, he's gunna be geekin out all day. Hope you guys don't get expelled bro.
  19. Yeah I'm hoping that he gets crazy high his first time so he realizes that it would have been a terrible idea.
  20. You're a good reader :rolleyes:

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