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high at school

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Masterkronic, May 24, 2010.

  1. ok so im fuckin stoned at school took 1 hit from a gravity i am extremely bored and we cant do anything in here, what can i do to make the time go faster?
  2. Learn something.
  3. Music

    Text people

    go on grasscity
  4. Do your work.

    I've been stoned at school a few times. Was great.
  5. text people, draw, color. find things to amuse yourself.
    haha when i'm blazed at school, people are hilarious. just look around.. :smoke:
  6. one time this guy was picking his nose and i laughed for lke 5 mins
  7. One of my teachers said something to me once and I went into the stupidest laughing fit of my life. I then went on to tell him a bunch of completely irrelevant facts.

    He talked to me after class and asked if I was high. I said yes and he just laughed.:smoke:
  8. Personally I love being high at school, I actually pay attention more.
  9. Im high at school a good amount and it does make it seem longer. Drawing is good way to kill time.

    We had a test in Biology 1st period and one of the questions was "What is population density and what are some factors that affect it" or something like that and I drew a beach with a nacho stand and said it was a representation of the data and that the less nachos they had, the more people would leave to go home and eat. I got a 110% on the test :D.

    Being high in class is great.
  10. just do your work. its really easy but still somewhat interesting when your high. thats the only way i get anything done

  11. Yes. Everyone at school is funny when you're high. Even the teacher.
  12. i like to draw on the side of my notes its very fun and u draw the funniest things when ur high
  13. yeh dude just listen to peoples stupid conversations and laugh your ass off at them...or draw and keep occupied being stoned and not doing anything just crashed you out...JUST DONT GET CAUGHT OR BYE BYE EDUCATION!

  14. Yea not getting caught is probably the best thing to do while high.

  15. When I went my biology lecture high I took the best notes of my college career. I made it a game to keep up with this teacher that talks a mile a minute.
  16. if its boring and makes time go by slower, dont go to school high.
  17. i never went to a business ethics and law class not stoned. it was structured in a way that we had to find what was unethical and whatnot, it was easier for me to do high.
  18. mack beezy'z
  19. I dont know, when im baked at school, the classes always seem so much longer and its kind of a pain in the ass
  20. I went to my "Ethics", which is basically moral philosophy, class high all the time. The teacher would pretty much just introduce controversial topics and then after that he would basically moderate as students debated back and forth. Abortion, genetic engineering, the dealth penalty etc etc. I was basically the "atheist skeptic guy" who argued with the conservative christians. At the end of the year the teacher wrote "Enjoyed reading your papers and having your keen intellect in class. You see the issues very well, and I hope you pursue a degree in philosophy." on the paper that I got 91% on :p (I started it 2 days before it was due. 7 pages on gay marriage haha).

    For some reason I could just articulate my thoughts very well when I was high.

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