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High at school stories?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PermanentlyHigh, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Post some funny things that have happend to you while high!
    Here's mine:
    back in 11th Grade, I took some speed before class. So im sitting in class, and everythings quite. Nek Minute my legs had a spazm, and I've ninja kicked my desk. It pretty much did a back flip across the whole room and I was sitting there with some dopey ass grin on my face.
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    I hope "speed" is a strain of weed, because we're not allowed to talk about other drugs here.

    I didn't smoke in high school, so the only stories I have are of me rejecting weed. The first time I got offered was in 10th grade. I was trick-er-treating on Halloween (last year I did that) with a few friends and they were smoking a joint. I used to think Mary Jane was bad, so I didn't hit it.

    The next time was either during my 10th or 11th grade year. I was walking behind the school and I saw a guy and a girl going behind a shed to smoke. They asked me to join them, but I declined.

    The third time I got offered I was in 11th grade I think. I was going for a walk in the park and I saw a girl I knew from school. She was going into the woods to smoke with her boyfriend. They asked me to join, but I said no. Eventually when I started to smoke (earlier this year, now I'm 21) I asked that same chick to get me weed because I didn't know where else to get it. She helped me get the hook up until I got my own dealer :)
  3. Nek Minute hahaha
    Anyways, in 10th grade I ate a brownie around 2nd period and I only ate half, and it didn't hit so I just ate the rest. This was my first brownie and I was disappointed it didn't hit. Nek minute i'm standing up in 4th period and I just feel high as hell. People were like Tim are you okay, and I was like yeah. Then I asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom cause I felt like I needed to throw up. When I got into the bathroom, I was like Woah, how did I get in here. Then I just went back to class and sat down feeling as high as I have ever been.
  4. In 12th grade I remember one time at lunch I got high then went to pe (don't judge me) , I went to the weight room and was just sitting next to these girls and asked them if I could listen to their music lol , they let me listen and the one girl got mad cause I was hogging the other side of the earphone , then after that I went to sixth period and my seat was next to this girl who is hella anal , I was just sitting there asking her if I could borrow all her shit and she was just getting so mad it was fucking hilarious lol..

    Ahhh 2011 memory's
  5. Back in sophmore year i had a presntation after school, me and my friends were all wicked pot heads then, and still today are. My buddy bought a slice from my dealer after school that day, it was some dankity dank shit. left school at 3 to toke this shit up, went on a bt on this back road where recently ppl were working there. Quickly we blazed up 4 fat bowl to set us for the 2 hour wate till the presentation started. driving back, sitting there stoned, eyes are like glowing cherrys haah. ( my eyes can get red off 2 or 3 hits, kinda sucks ad that day i forgot my visine >:| )
    as we roll in to school i walk in to the atrium and sit in the first chair i see, my friend sitting acrossed fron me texted me saying " bro u stoned " mean while im thinking im atleast 60 70 ft away and he can tell holy shit. Well this post is getting kinda long, but anyway my teacher ended up comin out and new, gave me some oreos and told me to get ready to present!! All and all a great way to end the school year.
  6. i got searched once by a security guard had about a gram in my pocket he pulls it out and says if you give me some ill say i didnt find any haha
  7. I have this one good story that I didn't necessarily get high in, but I did think it was a good idea to get drunk during A lunch.
    I had about two full water bottles of bud light (alc. vol. 4%) and I tried downing it in the bathroom during 3rd period but forgot that my backpack shook it up, so alcohol spills all over the floor and there are two other people in there. It was really strong smelling too, so I wipe it up as best as I can, cap my bottle and go back to class. Then during A lunch, I met with a friend in another bathroom and popped a straw in and was done with both of those bottles in ten minutes. I wanted a nice buzz that day so i made sure not to eat breakfast or lunch. Well that was a bad idea, bc about ten or fifteen minutes in, me and friend are walking around the school during lunch, these people in front of us are talking and all of the sudden I lose my shit. I start getting this huge ass smile on my face and by now I can not stop laughing at everything. The people talking were funny, dead cockroach on the floor was funny, class of PE kids in the hallway was funny. I literally could not collect my shit together.

    So we walk around some more and Im having a hard time concentrating on literally anything, and I start to lean and stumble and I realize that I'm getting drunk, not the nice buzz I wanted. So lunch ends and we head to the vending machines, where all of the police and AP's walk by after lunch (i'm a genius). Some kind of way, I manage to stagger my way past them and think I'm in the hole when my AP (who stops me all the time for stupid shit) stops me because I did some shit to my teacher earlier that morning. She basically tells me I go two days of DMC/ISS and I flat out start laughing in her face, and my friend has to drag me away while she's standing there pissed off because I laughed at her for no reason. And how she didn't smell the alcohol on my breathe amazes me.

    I get to my class and by then, I'm full out drunk so I put my head down on my desk and I can not stop laughing to myself. The guy next to me it always trying to be corny or put out some stupid joke, and I'm over here laughing at something way too much that was not that funny, but I couldn't stop.

    Also, my teacher kept looking back at me and I can barely control my body limbs, because my head feels hella heavy on my neck and kept lolling around. Just found out we had a quiz too and I straight up could not write anything. I was trying so hard and could barely sit up, and my words were are scrawled out and hard to read (i ended up passing). By then I'm like okay, I need to see one of my friends. So I ask to go to the bathroom, but my words were totally slurred and kind of didn't make sense but she said okay. I get out in the hall and literally stumble into the lockers before the bell rings for B lunch and I drunkenly search out my friend (he finds me first). All my movements are pretty much over the top and I felt like I was moving really slow. We get to the cafeteria and I could barely walk there, my friend kept saying that I was being really loud and kept laughing at the fact that I was drunk and kept trying to tell me to keep my shit together, but I was pretty much making a fool outta myself.

    I sit at a table and cant stop laughing to myself (people in the back were looking at me weird) plus I had this dazed drunken dumbfounded look on my face. I met my friend in a cafeteria line, and I saw that my AP was in the lunch room again with two of the police. I started getting paranoid af and being really loud, then I swore that she was looking at me (since I get caught for skipping a lot) I knew I had to get out of there. So with my friend, we fucking beeline it out of there, altho I know she saw me, but didn't do anything. I stumble back to class and past more AP's, and basically my friend helps me to all my classes. Pretty great day, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat (which I did, but that's for another time)

    TL;DR: Drank two waterbottles full of beer, acting fucking crazy the whole day, laughed in my AP's face who didn't smell the alcohol, and didn't get caught.
  8. this is a weed forum bud. This is entirely a alcohol story in a thread that's years old.
    Also for the detail it seems like it's pretty fresh in your mind.
    If I didn't know better I would say you are also underage. Just my 2 cents :coffee:
  9. Oh sorry about that. In the guidelines it said that alcohol could be freely discussed. And it was pretty recent, end of last year but i'm 18 and in 10th grade altho I'm technically in 11th grade (Ive had grade retention twice, prolly going on my third)

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