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  1. So I'm in Web design baked shitless. The student next to me is a teacher and was describing how he caught one of his students high. I said that was stupid of the kid getting high. Then I turned on my MacBook which was on full volume and my skype greeting said "fuck bitches get money" in the computer voice so fucking loud the whole class just stared at me and I cheesed for 10 secs before I realized nobody was laughing any more. Everybody could tell I'm high, my professor made sure to tell me that the class was being broadcasted online to many people
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    I don't get it?

    Edit: i get it cool story bro. I'm just high that's all:)
  3. thats funny shit haha.

  4. you will:D:D:D
  5. Yeah I was just to high to get it at first. I thought it was funny anyway man
  6. lol i still dont get it

  7. do u go in every thread just saying cool story bro? literally every thread i've looked in has u saying something of that sort... when people are stoned and tell stories they usually aren't very good.... we should accept that since we are all weed smokers and under the use, we all may come up with a retarded story that deserves a cool story bro, more often then not

    lighten up a bit...

    btw OP..... cool story bro

  8. link to online broadcast???

    would be much more fullfilling hahahahah
    cool story op sounds like somethin i'd do if they allowed laptops at my school:smoke:
  9. Yet your sig says "Fuck money get bitches" lol
  10. i used to go home everyday on my lunch break and smoke.
    one day i came back and way so high i had to step out for a cig. well i ran into 2 of my co-workers and they started talking about how HILarious it would be to do our jobs while high.
    I started laughing pretty hard and jumped into, "omg that would be soooo dumb if someone did that..."
    im not sure if they knew or not...

  11. LMFAO I want what you're smoking bro

  12. lol i want what YOUR smoking, since u read it twice and only noticed it the second time :hello::hello::hello: haha
  13. im smokin that mango kush bruh haha
  14. Haha, this is hilarious to me right now, I don't even know why.

  15. Dude forreal that was HILARIOUS!! WTF is going on, im hella high shit :D
  16. i laughed out loud when i imagined a computer voice saying "fuck bitches get money" in the middle of a quiet classroom
  17. Lol I had something kinda like that happen to me recently. First day of class I got a text and while trying to read it I hit some button to make it read it out loud.

    It said "we still smoking tonight?". This was in a foods class where most people are getting degrees in healthcare. Got a lot f dirty looks but I thought it was funny...

  18. It's a level 200 web design for musicians class (my major is music tech), the guy next to me is a teacher at a highschool or something I'm assuming who wanted to take a course on web design, I'm not that high, I have alot older people in my class that are in ther mid 20s up to some in their 40s.
    I'm going to try and see if there's an archive of the lecture that day on line, I know it was broadcasted live to online students but I'm pretty sure my prof said halfway through that he forgot to record it or something.

    Next time ur on skype though go to preferences and make a customized greeting and you can see how hilarious the shit sounds, just remember to turn your volume down if you boot your computer in the middle of class:)
  19. I've laughed at like 8 different things in this thread so far.

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