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High At Noon

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by devancosta, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Hey guys I'm new to this forum. I'm a comedian and a stoner and I made this video and thought maybe this would be a proper outlet for it. It's about getting high during the day. 

  2. It was surprisingly pretty good, made me chuckle a couple times.
  3. Fuck off
  4. thanks buddy. I appreciate you watching and clicking on some strange asshole promoting himself 
  5. Thats a sick Wu Tang shirt 
    I lold at Benjamin Button 
    Not bad man 
    Not bad 
  6. Piggie oh little piggie, if you going to try and " sell weed" maybe you should actually use a real picture instead of one taken of fucking google.... Fucking pathetic

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  7. Not bad
  8. wow...david copperfield shit...passing that bong to yourself!  :smoking: :bongin: :metal: :laughing:
    Yeah this seems like a good idea I'll probably be hitting you up
  10. that was good man, pretty funny
  11. 4:20 mins long, I like it, I also feel like when I smoke people will bother me too lol
  12. Thanks guys appreciate it! 
  13. Entertaining if that was a show I'd watch it
  14. they will man. its like people know that you don't care about what they're saying so they say more of it. 
  15. Lol the fuckin plain salad
  16. #16 himan235, Feb 9, 2014
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    Nuthin good happens when you get high before noon
    Fuck man- Just last week its 9:30am I'm just gettin to toke some mad sour diesel when the fuckin neighbors appendix ruptured. I said I'm too busy for this shit, told him to call 911. Found out he died when he got there. Win win- I can now toke without interuption since bastards now officially evicted 
    P.S. You look like jimmy fallon on crack 
    LOL I crack up every dude is you in disguse hahah

    The bong hits are the mozerella sticks dude pure genius.

    HA HA that video is hilarious! And it so happens..... to be 4:20 long! What a coincidence! XD
  18. "Like, Tuesday through Monday..."


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    I just started watching more videos on this guys youtube channel is hilarious down to earth real life comedy, hes plays almost all his characters himself in disguise haha, that I'm sure many other stoners alike and myself enjoy while watching this funny shit play out. I wish Mr Costa , yes I'm going to call you MISTER because thats what grown ups,adults are called who go to brunch, and lunch HAHAHAHAH ROFL 
    I wish you success in the crazy insane entertainment biz  in Los Angeles 
  20. #20 JaysForDays, Feb 9, 2014
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    I like the way you put the video together. It was really nicely done, pretty funny too. "Nah man this is sour diesel it makes time go backwards" laughed at that way harder than I should've lol

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