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High at a Amusement Park

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ILLUSIONisDope, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Have you Guy ever been to an amusement park high? I plan to go to six flags magic mountain High with like 6 friends tomorrow. Any one have experiences/funny stories of being High at a Amusement Park?
  2. Great America and Six Flags.

    Absolute mind-blowing when baked. Just enjoy it and don't trip yourself out from the elevation.
  3. #3 ILLUSIONisDope, Aug 1, 2011
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    Nice. It was fun? So it's trippy when your faded on rides?
  4. #4 JetxLife86, Aug 1, 2011
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    Definitely. Just take precaution not to eat..that's definitely the hard part especially with munchies.

    Rides like Superman, the Incredible Hulk, Goliath were all amazing.

    At Great America, Top Gun and Stealth when they still had them were epic.
  5. #5 ILLUSIONisDope, Aug 1, 2011
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    I never throw up on rides even if I eat a lot tho. Did you smoke in the parking lot or somewhere near the park?
  6. me and my friends went to the amusement park with our school. we couldn't figure out where to smoke without someone seeing us. then i thought o fthe perfect spot. we proceeded to hotbox the ferris wheel :smoke:
  7. My friends and I made edibles once and went to Hershey Park. Pretty sure it was the worst experience involving weed I have ever had.
  8. If you plan on chilling there all day smoking before you go in wont be too great because you'll only be high for a little while and you can't usually smoke in parks like that. I would eat an edible like 20 minutes before entering the park. Also bring a few extras for later on in the day.
  9. I go wonderland high every single time lol. Its awesome, rollercoasters are amazing when high, all i gottezz to sayzz
  10. It's great man, you're gonna love it. Maybe bring a sneak a toke, or one-hitter with you to hit in the bathrooms and freshen your buzz when needed. I'd love to see the picture of you on the roller coaster while baked. The edible idea was cool, I've never tried that.

    There was one guy on here that once posted that he took a hit mid ride. Bold shit
  11. I could just imagine one of those generic roller coaster photos of a guy chilling in his seat hitting a bong
  12. Going high to amusement parks is the best.

    Here in chicago we have a Six flags too, Six flags great america.

    I usually sneak back to my car a few times through out the day for smoke breaks, and also sometimes bring edibles, a firecracker or two, and munch on them throughout the day when my high is going down.
  13. I dot know if you guys have this ride we have called the power tower. It just lifts you up really high and drops you. Me and my friend hit a few bowls through his bub and we got on this thing. As soon as we dropped be starts screaming like a bitch and when we got off I noticed he actually pissed a little haha
  14. hahahhaha at that pic made my day

    but mannnn im so scared of hieghts went high to 6 flags one day

    totally i mean.... like 4real tripped out like not rly in a bad way but i wwas so scared lmaoooo thinking i was gonna die very paranoid hahahah iuno if i wud do it again lmao

  15. lol it's called the Giant Drop here. The part I love about that ride is when you're at the very top, and you're just hanging out there for a couple seconds.. and you can see the horizon out in front of you, and the amusement park below sounds so far away.. Right before you go flying down lol

    Another variation on it that I liked was The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror down in FL, at MGM studios I think it is.
  16. These stories are hilarious. I'm excited to go it's gonna be funny as fuck hahahaha. That pic is priceless lmao
  17. OP, as another socal resident, I wish you luck in the heat tomorrow. Go on x2 first though, otherwise it will be like a 3 hour wait all day.
  18. lol that one with the monopoly board is fucking hilarious

    I still prefer the ride pictures though where the girls are flashing :)

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