High at 10,000 feet in the air, while listening to guns n roses!!

Discussion in 'General' started by stan, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. My dad has small four seater aeroplane and he took him mate for a flight once, and they were both sittin in the front with me in the back. Previous to take of a had a massive White Widow joint and a couple of huge bong hits. The feeling when we took of was just so amazing got to 10,000 feet and were we flying about 110 Mph (130kmh), and i was justs sat in the back with my walkman on ( i had ear defenders on over my head phones), all icould hear was guns n roses, not even the noise of the plane, it was amazing just looking over this set of mountain ranges, just monged out in the back of the plane!!

    Sorry if this dont make sense, IM HIGH!


  2. I'd love going up in a small plane ripped. I always smoke before taking *any* kind of transportation (exc. when driving), and my favourite is flying. Hit a biggie in the parking lot after checking in, and half an hour later - takeoff!! it's great!
  3. that sounds like so much fun :) the closest i ever came to that was eating a pot brownie and smoking a phat bongload before flying to ohio. i was so rocked, that i didn't even realize we were up in the air.

    rockin to les claypool, lookin down below at the rockies was pretty damn neat.

    but small planes, i can imagine the incredible excitement.
  4. Yeah it was quality.

    I need some help, how to you get that signature message at the bottom of your posts? i cant find out how to do it!!
  5. Just found it, what a dumbass i am!! I am so ripped!!
  6. that sounds sweet man.
  7. Thinking along those same lines, I bet it would be great to get high and go skydiving. Anyone ever done that?

  8. Snesi will have to answer that question. She is the only one that has posted that she skidives.

    Welcome back my friend!
  9. I went bungie jumping while stoned.....it was such a rush my buzz was killed by the time it was all over it was great tho ive been bungie jumping 4 or 5 times since that day
  10. I went gliding once (one of those ones with the long thin wings, not hang gliding) It was a two seater jobby so obviously I had a quick toke before going up. It was mad feeling the thermals and whooshing all over the sky. No sound but the wind. Awesome.

  11. Thanks Bud :)

    I've always thought it'd be a rush to go skydiving high, but I think that your adrenaline would probably override your buzz before the plane even reached the proper altitude...

    ...but... what about skydiving on acid? Now that would be intense...
  12. just don't start thinking that that ripcord is a snake, and that green flat stuff rushing towards you at incredible speed is some kind of a huge fluffy matrass...

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