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High Associations?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ktoke, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. So, being October Ive been watching a lot of horror movies, high and sober. However, Ive found Im starting to associate the two. Like a lot of times while high Ill feel like im in a horror movie almost. Not scared, but everything seems dirty and grainy (imagine Devils Rejects. Like that but without the killers).
    Is this something thats gonna go away? Or am I forever going to have this association.
    Another thing, for personal reasons Im feeling extremely sad, and I dont want to associate highness with the feeling of getting sad. Should I wait till I feel better? Or just do it anyway?

  2. Throughout the last few years of my life I feel really sad 80% of the time. Being high for me isn't always about being happy, when I smoke I get into a positive mood but sometimes I will start thinking about my ex or how lonely I am and it makes me depressed while I'm high. 
    The silver lining is that while I'm high my train of though is very short and I will bounce back to being happy quickly. For me smoking is about letting go and if I'm always trying to be happy while I'm high I will be controlling, not trying to let go.
    As for the associations, they can be strong, but I wouldn't say that they are permanent, I would try to create new associations. For me that means smoking with friends and having a blast there, or smoking and playing video games, or watching really good movies. Work on rebuilding those associations and the negative ones shouldn't be there for long.

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