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high as hell

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. k, this is the first time i've been high and on the boards in a while. Damn im high, and this weekend, i get my dsl! bitchin!!! yea yea, whoa whoa, shody wodai babay. hows tha ghettness now, yea yea! Now wha should I name my bizz0ng. Its pitches black and only 8 inches. haha!!!, I can fit in it! yea! Who's heard that song DJ Encore feat Engilina - I see right through to you (big brother theme). That song is trippin me out with flashbacks.damn, im hizzaih. Fo sheezy mah neezy, tha weed be 2 pleaazin! Damn aol sucks balls, too slow so dis will only be my only post for tonight. ack!!!! word up tha home dog is back, fa' shizzle. Hey, lets all talk a lil ghetto wit mah lessons.
  2. i roll on twenty inch rims when i lean yo/
    "ayo thems tens!"/
    i keep them clean though/
  3. grindin
  4. muh fucka here high as hell, puff puff puffin on a black n mild lettin that shit swim around my head
  5. shibbity dibbity doo dop bibbity bip bop
  6. uhmmm.....Save the whales...?
  7. BI NAB=========


    fuck...both of those things up there..are what happens when your hands arent on home row key and you go to type shit...fucked up high as me..damn im so happy to be high..but anyway


    farm would be so much economical, because whales are larger and can be used for their blubber and meat and bones and teeth and all that shit...we should farm them and save the tuna!...have some dolphin in a can..."this dolphin is 90% tuna free...we promise"....thats how it should be

    for every one whale that could be farmed..3000 tunas go into the pot..

    i like pot.
  8. Namron is like skanky bitch with PMS, and so is my girlfriend. Alas...
  9. no im just stoned with great ideas
  10. You know whats the shit to watched stoned.....SPONGEBOB.

    Who lives in a pineapple under the sea..

    Hehehehe.....Sandy Cheeks
  11. you know whats great to do when your high?!

  12. no....Spongebob.....then more weed!
  13. how about smoke weed with spongebob?!
  14. HELL YEAH!!!!!

  15. read my mind.

  16. "I'm the captain of this ship!"
    "We're hemorrhaging air!"
    "We're gonna lose everybody!"

    Carolyn Fry. i think you should name it carolyn
    fry. i dunno if you like the movie pitch black..but this charater has some cool lines.. what?
  17. i didnt get any weed today :(

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