high around NON-high people

Discussion in 'General' started by Androo, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. dont it feel wierd? especially if you got the munchies and you go to the nearest store and it feels like everyone is looking at you..... i hate that but yea they probably are lookin at me, then i get paranoid and start wiggen out and i run to my car and speed off
  2. lol i swear i have seen a thread like this recently.
  3. I don't like to smoke around non-smokers 'cos it allways go to them talking together and the smokers talking together and when you try to explain to non-smokers the importance of preparing to the assault of azhatoth they just don't understand.
  4. that black and white leaf is very popular
    also i need to toke another bowl :smoking:

    back to ur question, yes it feels weird
  5. riteo mate
  6. I don't care as long as they're not being a bitch about it...
  7. i dont think its thats wierd, infact im verry mellow and i think people think im listining to them more intently. which im usually not, im off in my own little thoughts and parades. but what they dont know wont hurt them.........
    although.this is crazy........i feel like guys are looking at me more.lol ( or maybe im just looking at them more) so there could be some paranoia there after all.
  8. love walking in a store all red eyed,if people got something to say then say it cuz im high is hell.
    My boy needs to put visine in his eyes all the time,like if all eyes are on him.
  9. It's probably the smell of weed that makes their heads turn. Or maybe you're paranoid.
  10. hummm.... yep, there was a thread like this... ummm...i think its in seasond tokers, but i dunno for sure, mabey recreational usage... but USE SEARCH please

  11. i bet thats what it is :)
  12. i look and feel like a right fool when stoned infront of those who aren't but thats the weed giving you all the paranoia then when i'm more sober i think i don't really give a fuck then get high and it's same old routine thats a mian reason why i have chilled out on smokin too much i'm just a more of a weekend toker becoming more of a alcoholic now days *Oops*
  13. its in seasoned tookers... i wrote it, i cant think now, late....
  14. [​IMG]


    I always got a freaking kick being around other people who arent high...I just laugh it up in my head...and most of tthe time I actaully do giggle out loud and look at them to see if they are watching me, and they usually are which only makes me laugh more :) im laughing now thinking about it lol
  15. I tend to think ppl are looking and think thats strange but im high and they don't know, then i walk round with a massive grin and proberly look strange lol :D.
  16. as long as there's no popos i don't give a shit ;]
  17. A few of my pals are real fiends when I'm high, looking down their noses at me and the like. Quite annoying sometimes.
  18. ifeel what all yall are sayin.i start thinking that the non high people are tryin to fuck with my head. but when im not high and others are i feel fine.
  19. I like the feeling of being high around other people, being stoned is different. But it makes you alot more fun and mellow around other people.
  20. Me I like better smoke and stay home because I find the light in stores are to bright and I feel like I'm not going stray when I'm walking.


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