High and sleepy with a pen

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Cubaluva, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. Sleep time nears and my eyes droop and sink together into peaceful slumber, eternal blankness devoid of light or time. Matter flashes to you as an instant dream, here and yet gone. This lack of existence for 12 hours leaves me dazed, confused, and totally believing there IS a world. In your dreams.....
  2. or so it seems. The dissapation of consciousness is the disapation of oneself. In ceasing to be conscious of your physical being, you DO cease to exist. You are your consciousness. You have simply become aware of your existance. Sentience. You are a ghost in the machine. The gears of your body turn regardless of "you", your consciousness. You are nothing, a glitch in evolution that spawned a collective in your brain. You are not your body. So sleep, escape this prison of knowing. Fade out...
  3. hahahaha

  4. .......And then fade back in again, to a place you can never and will never return to. Let your mind feel a colour and taste a sight, watch a silent movie and understand how the world began, in the knowledge it will disappear from your memory as your eyes open. This is the only place you can truely call your own, this place where your mind explores its own synapses and creates fantasy and truth for you to watch. As you travel through this coiling twisting imagery you make sense of chaos and understand infinity. But soon your body will recapture your mind, force it from REM and mesh the gears so the two are entangled once more. And you will never return to that place again.

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