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High and School

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kush187, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. I Usually suck at math, but while I was baked the other day I realized how easy it was. I noticed that I'm more alert and can focus on the problems, You guys think it's a good idea to walk into class high, maybe the lectures will sink in more=] hahaa
  2. no I always zoned out when I was high and just enjoyed my ipod in class. If it works for you I guess but I just forgot things.
  3. If you do...
  4. Don't get the blue they burn like a fucker ^ I ended up giving them to people and saying it was isopropyl and that's why ur eye is burning so bad lol

    if you do use it as a tool, it really does unlock my left side of the brain
  5. It depends from person to person, but I think the majority probably wont do well high in school. Besides its a huge risk if you arent in college.
  6. i cant see how people can go to important classes high. i cant retain SHIT when im high lol i forget it in like two seconds.

  7. I like the burn and blue tops clear your eyes up whiter then normal. Always drop before you smoke too because the burn kills your high.
  8. I always went to sleep in high school when I was high.
  9. One thing I never did was go to class stoned, however in college I did ALL of my chemistry homework and studying after smoking/vaping and to this day I swear I would not have gotten the A I did wasnt for being stoned. For some reason it helped me understand chemistry and my anatomy/physiology classes so much more.
  10. "I dont go to high school i go to school high"
  11. No good.
  12. It doesn't really affect me. It may make it a bit harder for me to remember things, but that is outweighed by it helping me concentrate better. I'm naturally a really quick learner though, so ymmv.
  13. When I went to class high I would always zone out with my music playing. It never helped me pay attention at all.
  14. It is my opinion that if weed is helping you learn in a math class, you're either imagining that effect, or have undiagnosed medical condition like ADHD that the weed is helping reduce the symptoms of. You can't really argue with the fact that formation of new memories is impaired while you are high.

    I got very high scores on standardized tests for which I did not sleep at all the night before the test, but that doesn't mean that I did well because I stayed up...
  15. I dont do so great but I never really do... Im about to get high as fuck and go to school

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