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high and feeling chatty

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by isis_420, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. I just smoked a wicked bowl by myself and i'm feeling a little chatty. I don't even know where to start.....

    Here's a stupid question...who's got tattoos? I've got three- so far. My first was a dragon which was horridly bad. I got it fixed up later with some background tats. It still looks like shit! lol. Why is the first time for everything bad? Remember your first time having sex? lol Man, that was hell at the time. Now it's funny to think of. I went out with that guy for a while longer but I don't think we ever had sex again!

    My second tattoo was a scorpion (Nov. 1976). I got it put over this horrible scar on my belly. I had a mole removed and the doc said it would be almost invisible, like appendix. Bitch! I had three removed altogether and all the scars are huge - very visible. The only one the public could see was the belly, so I covered it. if I was who I am now when this happened - lets say I'd have my revenge. lol

    My third is a snake around my ankle. Tasteful, just drawn in black. Well done by an actual artist who tatted on the side. Way to expensive, but worth it. It had better be for $140 (Canadian)!! But I did it to impress and to share a moment with my man. His tattoo was only $120. lol And no, we did not get the same tats.

    I'd get more, maybe, if I found the right artist again. Anybody know of any of in the west of Canada?
  2. stml ,[​IMG]


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