High Alpine Genetics

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  1. Just curious if anyone had grown or is currently growing any High Alpine Genetics seeds? It’s my first time ever growing and I’m Living in Virginia so THC content has to be below 0.3%. Got a 100 pack of Green Lightning seeds during Black Friday and put 12 of them into Jiffy pellets April 12th and 3 more in a week later. Currently have 11 plants going. Light spicy smell which I’m okay with. Was looking for something more sweet/fruity but the smell has grown on me and I love getting a slight whiff of them when I go to water them.

    Picture taken Thursday 7/30/2020

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  2. Never had experience myself but ive seen good reviews and opinions on them on the net lol if that means anything.

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  3. Same here. But never came across anyone actually growing it, if that makes sense.
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